Review Saxondale (Steve Coogan)


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Tommy Saxondale, a masterpiece of a character created by Coogan in two series, total 13 episodes.
Tommy is a ex roadie, worked with the greats of the 70's, Deep Purple, Genesis,Eagles , but not Led Zeppelin, that's a sore point for poor Tommy. Now approaching 50, he runs his own business, " Pest Control", on call to exterminate insectoid or rodent vermin from clients.
Each episode starts with Tommy attending anger management classes, here is a compilation of those scenes. The series is littered with 70's music references as Tommy applies his roadie experiences to the task of killing pests. He drives a Mustang for pleasure and a van for business. He tells his young assistant Raymond,
" bring some sounds dude for my cd player( in the van),but no dance b####cks"