Fun The Last Movie That You Watched?


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The last film I watched - or re-watched - was this one...

What you see is what you get. A film director put a camera on the front of his car and went for it across Paris in 1976.

No permits, no permission slips and very little warning... It's 8 minutes and 30 seconds of pure bliss.



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I just watched Apocalypse Now: The Final Cut, which has quite a bit less going on than Redux.

I think it's the best cut. Redux was overly long and spent too much time one the second Playmate scene, which is gone from The Final Cut, and did nothing to advance the actual plot of the movie or really flesh out any of the characters more than the scenes before it or subsequent to it. The addition of the second Playmate scene was just about some gratuitous titty shots. Sorry to say, but Colleen Camp really isn't much good for anything else IMO.