Thriller s04e04- Killer With Two Faces


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Prisoner Spelling is in his cell in pyjamas as Dr Styles examines him for his routine check up.
Spelling, " I'm in fine shape aren't I Doc?"
Styles, " if you say so."
Spelling, " oh I do, fitter, stronger than you, even though we're the same age, and build too. That suit you're wearing would fit me perfectly."
Styles looks alarmed, too late, Spelling strikes, one hit and Styles is out cold.
Outside the cell a man in a white medical jacket waits patiently, there's a knock from the inside of the cell door. The white coated warder looks through the spy hole to see the brown suited Doctor Styles, back to him, waiting to get out. The door is opened and the warder is dragged in, and knocked out. Spelling dressed in Dr Styles suit leaves, locks the door behind him. He is wearing the doc's glasses and stethoscope around his neck. Spelling pleased with this venture so far, " it's perfect. ", he calmly leaves the facility and to freedom, out of....The Prison For The Criminally Insane.
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A train clatters across the English countryside, Spelling is in a carriage alone with a beautiful young lady sitting opposite. They say nothing as the train journeys on, when Spelling sighs and says, " excuse me do you mind if we talk, I've been on this train for an hour and I'm bored, Bob Spelling is the name."
The lady is an American and smiles back, " sure, Patty Heron, pleased to meet you Bob."
Bob notices her shopping bags, about 8 of them, mostly from exclusive clothes shops.
Spelling, " you like our shops?"
Patty, " once I know the problem, your English shops are so seductive. Anyway I'm in the fashion business, publishing, so that's my excuse. What line are you in Bob?"
Bob, " guess."
Patty, " erm...I've really no idea."
Bob, " okay I'll give you a clue, if I was applying my trade to you, I'd say, good foundations, solid middle structure and penthouse area exquisite."
Patty, " maniac?"
Bob, " architect actually."
Patty, " oh my goodness then you're just the man I need. I've recently bought a property, old Victorian, solid structure but needs a lot of interior work on it and I haven't an idea in my head on how to go about it."

A warder walks down the corridor of the prison and looks through the spy hole into Spelling's cell, shocked he sees Dr Styles and a colleague out cold, he dashes to the wall alarm, presses it, alarms sound all over the prison.....but way too late.
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Spelling still with Patty on the train has drawn some rough ideas on a sheet of A4 given to him by Patty.
Bob is showing his ideas, " so an extension to the garden knocking this wall down here, a spiral staircase here in the centre."
Patty, " that's marvellous."
Bob, " I mean these are only basic ideas, not actually having seen the place."
Patty, " let's do it, I could take you out to look at it."
Bob, " you don't even know if you could afford my services."
Bob hands her his business card with address on it.
Patty , " well I'm sure we could discuss it, look what about tomorrow afternoon at about 1pm , I could pick you up, my office isn't too far from you, then we could drive out there."
Bob, " fine Patty, it's a date."

Dr Styles has recovered and is with a colleague in the cell.
Warder, " you okay doctor?"
Styles, " slight headache."
Styles notices his watch is missing, " what time is it.?"
Warder," 2.30."
Styles, " oh my God, he's had a four hour start..God help any woman he meets."

Spelling looks out of an apartment window down to the busy street below.
Spelling, " I'd forgotten how many pretty people there are."
He is with a middle-aged lady, she hands him a Scotch whisky and says, " what made you choose me, I've often wondered how a man chooses like that, we've only just met, but why me?"
Spelling " you are perfect."
Lady, " perfect? Me , no."
Spelling, " oh yes, you have something about you, so here we are in this perfect little apartment of yours, the air crackling with sexual tension, anticipation, the man woman conundrum, what a pity it won't last."
Lady, " won't it?"
Spelling, " well it never does, it starts off all pink and fluffy, then comes the rows, the delusions, the false teeth in the glass by the bed, that's why I like to end it at the pink and fluffy stage."
Lady, alarmed, " end it!?"
Spelling, " while it's still perfect."
They kiss....suddenly Spelling's hands go around her throat, he squeezes, she falls dead! Spelling looks totally insane, he picks up a china ornament , a figurine, his face contorted in madness as he snaps the head off and throws the figurine on the floor by the body.

In a private garden a lady takes a refreshing swim in her swimming pool, she climbs out and sees Spelling staring down at her, he says one word, "perfect."
Then he pushes her head under the water, her husband comes into garden and shouts out, "Dorothy!"
Spelling releases her and runs.
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Inspector Filory of Scotland Yard looks down at the dead body killed by Spelling, he holds the broken statuette in one hand, the removed head in the other and says, "Spelling no doubt, this is an emergency, he must be found!"
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Spelling is back in his own flat when the doorbell rings, he opens it and looks disapprovingly as a woman saunters in.
Spelling, " what are you doing here Jenny."
Jenny " just passing Bob, thought I'd see how you are, hoping I haven't ruined anything after you know.."
Bob," yes I know , yes it's ruined."
Jenny " aww come on Bob, you're so old fashioned."
Bob, " yes I am old fashioned , I like my fiancee to be faithful."
Jenny, " it was just the one time Bob."
Bob, " that I could prove...sorry Jenny it's finished please go."
Jenny," Bob...Bob..we had a great time surely you haven’t forgotten. "
Jenny puts her hands around his neck, trying to kiss him.
Jenny, " come on Bob...kiss me."
Bob pushes her away, " GET OUT!"
Jenny goes towards the door saying, " I don't give up easy Bob, I'll be back."

Inspector Filory is interviewing Dorothy who was attacked by her swimming pool.
Filory, " you were lucky, did he say anything?"
Dorothy, " one word...perfect."
Filory nods, it's Spelling.
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At Bob's flat another ring on the doorbell, it's Jenny again.
Jenny " sorry Bob, my car wouldn't start, so I've been forced back by a (laughing) technical conspiracy. Garage man is working on it outside now. Can I have a drink Bob."
Bob, "Jenny please.."
A car horn is heard, Jenny says, " that's my car....pre arranged signal...I'm going Bob, see ya around."
Bob, " Jenny...for your own sake don't come back here."
After she has gone Bob sits and opens a newspaper and sees his face on the front page with the headlines KILLER ON THE LOOSE.
Bob, " oh my God."

At the prison Doctor Styles walks into the cell with Spelling!! A female nurse looks terrified until Styles says, "don't worry nurse this isn't Terry Spelling, this is Bob Spelling his brother."
Nurse, " brother? He's absolutely identical."
Styles, " yes, freaks me out, and I know about it."
Bob, " I came as soon as I found out, I'd like to help if I can before he kills."
Styles, " he already has, I'm sorry. Look go home Mr Spelling there's nothing you can do."
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Meanwhile Terry Spelling the killer has broken in to his brother's flat. He is hiding here when the doorbell rings he opens door, it's Jenny...again.
Jenny, " hi Bob."
Terry, " come in."
Jenny " well that's an improvement, you're not kicking me out?"
Terry, " why should I kick you out, you look great."
Jenny " how about a drink."
Terry, " sure, why d'you want?"
Jenny, " Martini of course, you can't have forgotten that."
Terry hands Jenny drink.
Jenny " you mean I didn't ruin it all."
Terry, " course not, I'm not going to let you ruin anything, there won't be time."
Terry Spelling wraps his hands around her throat and squeezes, she falls dead. He looks towards bookcase and sees figurine and picks it up and then snaps head off.

The phone suddenly rings, nervously Terry picks up receiver, it's Patty Heron.
Patty, " Bob it's Patty just to let you know I'll be round to your place at 12.30 , managed to finish early."
Terry, " erm.....right."
Patty," you haven’t forgotten have you, Patty we met on the train yesterday."
Terry, " oh Patty yes of course, nice to hear from you."
Patty, " okay I'll be over soon, I'm coming straight from work so you'll have to accept me with all my imperfections."
Terry, " imperfections?"
Patty, " yes you know what I mean."
Terry, " er...will you be alone Patty?"
Patty, " yes of course, see you soon."
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Terry is nervously waiting for Patty, he stares at portrait on wall of elderly man then shouts at it, "ARE YOU PROUD OF ME?!" He grimaces in emotional pain.

Later Patty arrives at Bob's flat and of course it's Terry answering the door.
Patty, " hi there Bob."
Terry, " you had me worried....imperfections I can't see any."
Patty, " oh well they're all powdered over now."
Patty looks around the room admiringly, "this room, what I expected from you, this portrait, your father?"
Terry, " yes."
Patty, "shares your intensity."
Terry looks at portrait on wall, looks a bit uncomfortable as he talks.
" Yes, he was shorter than he looks in that portrait, he wasn't so small but by God sometimes I wished he was. He suffocated you, mentally towered over you...I couldn't please him whatever I did."
Patty, " sounds like you have a hang up about him....but you're a successful man in your own right. Shall we go?"
Terry, " yes fine." Terry puts on very dark sunglasses, a disguise he hopes.
Patty, " what's with the glasses, travelling incognito?"
Terry, " burnt the midnight oil , eyes are a bit sensitive."
They leave and Patty drives off to her house, after a few minutes Patty says "what's happened to the chatty man I met yesterday, has he ran out of things to say."
Terry, "sorry."
Patty, " that's okay you don't have to talk if you rather not."

Later- Bob enters his flat , hiding behind door are two uniformed policeman, they pounce and hold him. Inspector Filory is there, he grabs Bob's arm and rolls up sleeve.
Bob," what the hell is this Filory."
Filory, " just being careful Mr Spelling. You have a mole on your arm, your brother doesn't, that's the only way to tell you apart."
Bob, " well you could have just asked."
Filory, " have you seen your brother today?"
Bob, " obviously not , I'd have reported it."
Filory hands Bob a letter, " keep this with you, it tells people who you are, or more importantly who you're not. They say your father started all this, Impossible demands to live up to."
Bob, " Terry was in a very bad car crash."
Filory, " so were you yet you came out of it unscathed. Your brother though...this need for perfection."
Filory notices on the bookcase the broken figurine, head missing, " hang on, he usually does this after a killing."
Bob, "that is usually right."
Filory, "search this place top to bottom."
The police officers and Filory search then come across a wooden trunk in corner of room. Filory opens it, and beckons Bob over, he looks inside "jesus's Jenny."
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At Patty's house she and Terry are downstairs, the place is in need of renovation, uninhabitable at present.
Patty " so this is it, what d'you think?"
Terry bluffing his way through this, " hmmm."
Patty, " hmm? What does hmm mean?"
Terry, " it will do."
Patty," so the extension into the garden?"
Terry, " here this way."
Patty, " but that's a supporting wall, even I know you can't knock that down."
Terry, " okay how about out through this way."
Patty, " this really was a mistake coming here wasn't it, there's something wrong, you're not yourself."
Terry, " no no it's okay."
Suddenly a short man with glasses comes in, he is the realtor, Mr Holland.
Holland, " ah Miss Heron, I saw your car outside everything okay?
Patty, " yes Mr Holland, this is Bob Spelling an architect I've engaged to do the place up."
Holland " well it needs it yes, but the structure is sound or I wouldn't have sold it to you. Isn't that"
Holland looks alarmed he recognises Spelling.
Terry, " yes it's structurally sound."
Holland, " okay I' you to it....bye.."
Holland runs out back to his car. Terry turns to Patty, " excuse me I'll be back in a minute I'll just see Mr Holland off."
Holland has almost made it to his car, but Spelling grabs his arm, and strikes..
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Bob Spelling is on the phone in his flat, the police still there.
Bob, " Filory, I just phoned a girl I was supposed to meet today, her secretary says she spoke to me about an hour ago, and was coming over to meet me."
Filory, " well?"
Bob," I didn't speak to her, it must have been Terry.
Filory " good god, where have they gone?"
Bob, " I don't have an address, she was going to take me to her place. I have her work address."

In the countryside Patty and Terry arrive at a large mansion set in it's own grounds.
Terry " this is what I wanted to show you, my latest work."
They get out of the car and enter the residence. The interior is ultra modern, all in white, Terry picks up a remote control device on an armchair. The device has buttons on it like a TV remote.
Not knowing really how to work it he presses a button and the curtains close by themselves. Another press of a button and music is heard, another press and a panel in the wall opens and a television appears and extends into the room on a rail.
Patty is impressed, " this is amazing, I've never seen anything like it, not in Beverly Hills or even Bel- Air."
Terry " well it is considered my masterpiece."
Then Patty accidentally catches her dress on a sharp table corner, it tears, a few inches just above the hemline.
Patty " oh damn."
Terry tries to stay cool, "it's ruined, bloody table, ruined it, it was perfect now look at it."
Patty, " I can mend it."
Terry, " mend it?"
Patty " yes with a needle and thread, that's how I started in the fashion business, sewing. You must have some thread I can use...upstairs perhaps."
Terry " yes..upstairs."
Patty, " okay I'll go upstairs, it'll be good as new."
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Bob is in his flat alone when the doorbell rings, he opens it and a middle-aged big guy walks in.
Bob " Mr Bradley?"
Bradley is holding a newspaper with Terry's picture on the front.
Bradley, " my god, you are alike, two peas in a pod. Why didn't you tell me about him?"
Bob, " why, did he build your house."
Bradley, " touchy.....okay I'm sorry about your brother, wouldn't wish that on anyone. However I'm here because of Audrey the wife, she went to see a friend and she had a double bath, you know, one next to the other, his and hers baths, now Audrey wants one."
Bob, " we've just finished your house Bradley."
Bradley, " you're supposed to be the great architect Spelling, just put one in next to the other one."
Bob, " it's not that simple, the plumbing is not that easy."
Bradley, " okay okay, let's take a look, come on."
Bob, " now?"
Bradley, " why not, that's how I made my first million, wanting it and getting it."
Bob, " it's not convenient right now."
Bradley, " you've never liked me have you, anyway it'll take your mind off your brother."
Bob stands reluctantly, " okay, let's go."
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Bob and Bradley arrive at Bradley's house, the house where Terry and Patty are in.
Bradley, " whose car is that?"
Bob," probably come to look at the house, it is a show property."
Bradley, " yeah, mine, let's find them and chuck them out."
Bradley pulls a gun out of the glove box of his car.
Bob, " do you have a license for that?"
Bradley, " I don't need one, works perfectly without it."
Bradley marches up to the house, Bob in tow.
Upstairs Patty has found the master bedroom and all the sewing accessories she needs. She has removed her dress and is sewing the tear whilst watching television.
Shocked she sees Bob's face on the TV. An announcement is heard, "The public are advised not to approach this man, he is extremely dangerous and has murdered twice already."
The door opens and Bradley enters, "who the hell are you! What are you doing in my wife's bedroom."
Patty is totally confused, "your wife."
Bradley, "I'm going to lock you in here for now."
Bradley locks door, Patty runs to door, "please let me out, you don't understand."
Bradley turns to Spelling, " I was right, there's a girl in there half naked, now let's find the bloke, if there's a girl there's bound to be a bloke."
Spelling just stares at Bradley who says, "hang on you look different somehow."
Bradley suddenly , horribly realises who is standing in front of him.

Patty has dressed and has found a knife and is attacking the lock of the bedroom door, she manages to crowbar off the lock from the doorframe and runs out, to see Bradley lying on the floor. She tries to wake him, but he's not asleep but dead. Bradley's gun is under the body, Patty picks it up.
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Downstairs Spelling, is it Bob or Terry, is gulping some whisky when Patty comes down the stairs pointing gun.
Spelling, " Patty, what's wrong?"
Patty, " stay where you are, I know all about you."
Spelling, " you're pointing the gun at the wrong man."

Patty, " no I'm not, you're a murderer."
Spelling, " please Patty let me explain, I have a twin brother, and it's him you want. While you were upstairs he came at me, we fought, I locked him in the bar....( points)there behind you."
Spelling picks up remote device, " You don't have to take my word for it, here take it, you can see for yourself."
Patty " you do it."
Spelling, " okay."
Spelling presses remote device and a section of wall slides back to reveal the drinks bar, the other Spelling is on the floor just about regaining consciousness , he staggers to his feet.
Spelling ( behind bar), " Patty!"
Spelling quickly closes bar again, the wall panel slides back.
Spelling " you see, that's my poor brother."
Patty relaxes gun arm, " oh I'm sorry, to think I almost killed you."
Spelling, " that's okay."
From behind the wall the other Spelling speaks up.
" Patty you're with the wrong man. You've been with him all day, he was hiding in my flat when you picked him up, ask him about the alterations to your house we discussed."
Spelling, " well there was the extension, the spiral staircase.."
Behind the wall the other says, " okay ask him what you were wearing when we first met."
Patty, " what was I wearing?"
Spelling, " erm...look I seldom notice women's clothing, just the woman inside them."
Patty has a question, " where was the train heading for when we met."
Spelling, " what does it matter now we're here together."
Patty realises this is Terry Spelling and says rather unconvincingly, " you're right it doesn't matter, erm...look I've left my bag upstairs, can you fetch it please and I'll wait here for you then we can go elsewhere."
Terry shakes his head, " oh Patty did you really think I was that stupid."
images (1).jpegMV5BMWQ0OTVhMDEtMDAxNC00OTVlLTk4MjktYTIyOThmYTA2ZTllXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDcwODI0Ng@@._V1_.jpg

He moves towards her, hands outstretched and grabs her neck, a gunshot is heard, Terry Spelling falls, Patty fired, she picks up the remote device and lets Bob out from behind wall.
Patty " I'm sorry I had to."
Bob bends down to face Terry who is dying.
Terry, " she's beautiful, you were always the lucky one, Father's favourite."
Bob, " he didn't have a favourite."
Terry dies, Bob with tears in his eyes says to Patty, " how could he have a favourite, there was no way to tell us apart."

Spelling......Ian Hendry
Patty.....Donna Mills
Bradley......David Lodge
Filory......Roddy McMillan
Jenny....Susan Dury
Dr Styles....Ralph Ball
Holland.....Robin Parkinson

On to next episode

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