Review Top 10 Movie Quotes Everyone Gets Wrong

Janine The Barefoot

Wacky Norwegian Woman
"We're going to need a bigger boat." Jaws
"I say, we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure." Aliens
"Come back here and I'll bite your heart out." MP Search for the Holy Grail
"You and I remember Budapest very differently." The Avengers

Janine The Barefoot

Wacky Norwegian Woman
Wake up, watch what you're doing! ! !

Smack your hands, bad girl. No dancing Bunnies for you...:emoji_rage:
But, but...... I'm challenged! I'm Norwegian! We may look all cool and knowledgable but the truth is we have days when we can't tell one end of the fish from the other!..... Which is a really big deal to a country who lives on fish (honestly, some of the things we actually do to fish would shock you no end..... Lutefisk..... Dear God what were our ancestors thinking?????), you just can't expect us to get everything right all the time.... a little known secret I would prefer you not share by the way.

Now.... I shall go sit in the "bad girl corner", eat cold toast and drink really good coffee.... even when it too is cold......

Bad, bad, bad wacky Norwegian girl!
:emoji_cold_sweat: :emoji_disappointed_relieved: :emoji_no_good: :emoji_face_palm: :emoji_shrug: :emoji_scream: (so where's the emoji for prostration on the floor and begging for forgiveness?)

Janine The Barefoot

Wacky Norwegian Woman
Smack your hands, bad girl. No dancing Bunnies for you...:emoji_rage:
You know GF.... I'd consider it a personal favor if you'd be willing to "keep an :emoji_eye: " on my posts as it were.....

Don't tell anyone, but occasionally being slapped upside the head by a "Furious Duz" is kinda fun.... (wouldn't want anyone to think I was into "kink" or anything like that!).... and it's well and truly good for the "Norwegian Head" to be smacked from time to time.... :emoji_fearful: :emoji_head_bandage: as it helps to keep us on our toes! :emoji_ice_skate:.... ice skating is good because you're balancing on a razor thin blade of steel, you do actually have to be on your toes from time to time and mostly because Sonja Henie was the first female ice skater to win 3 golds back-to-back to-back and she just happened to be Norwegian!

So, please.... feel free to take a shot at me any time you catch a mistake... or the mood moves you! But remember, this is just between us! I wouldn't want the word to get around :emoji_astonished: Oh my goodness!!!! Did I just post this on a wide-open thread? :emoji_scream:

Yeah.... that would be me! The Wacky Norwegian Woman back in action again and, once again, getting it all wrong! :emoji_shrug:
:emoji_kissing_closed_eyes: This is me.... pretending the whole thing never happened!?



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@Janine The Barefoot

It would be my pleasure to be the official "smack the Norwegian Woman upside the head" person.
So you better play nice or you will feel the wrath of the "Furious duz". Heaven help you when/if that should ever happen●●●:emoji_japanese_ogre::emoji_japanese_goblin:beware●●●