1. High Plains Drifter

    Fun Spend 3 HRS With One Of Them

    BTW I Think #6 Is suppose to be Ghost Face but they used the mask from Scary Movie.
  2. duzit

    Review Mr. Popper ' s PENGUINS (2011)

    This was a thoroughly, enjoyable, fun movie. I'm not a Jim Carrey fan, however in this movie he was just perfect. A supporting cast of: Angela Lansbury / Carla Gugino / Madeline Carroll / Henry Kelemen / Ophelia Lovibond rounds out the characters. Also, the real stars of the film were the...
  3. High Plains Drifter

    Review Let's Talk About GAMES!

    What are a few of your favorite RPG"s with great stories/adventure?
  4. High Plains Drifter

    Fun Which CLASSIC MOVIE STAR Are You?

    Which one did you get? Click on the links below each photo to do the male or female quiz. Link
  5. High Plains Drifter

    Fun Do You Ever Get So Engulfed Into A Book........

    Honest question Did you ever get so engulfed into a book, it plays out like a movie in your mind? If so what book or books have you seen come to life in your mind? If the book or series was turned into a movie did it turn out how you pictured it?
  6. High Plains Drifter

    Fun Just A Few Things I Noticed When Driving In The Truck

    I am so tired of everyone going off about a**hole truck drivers. The pickup I drive is a full size, extended cab, with a full box. The truck is a overall length of 22 ft. It's pretty intimidating at first when you start driving it, but after awhile the truck feels like a S-10. The truck is also...
  7. High Plains Drifter

    Review Let's Talk About the MTV MOVIE & TV AWARDS!

    Did anyone watch it this year? I use to watch it, mainly for the movie spoofs. Plus, I always did like how it was never boring, funny, and had it's moments.
  8. High Plains Drifter

    Review Walmart

    Adventures In Walmartia Let's talk of our tales near and far off land called Walmartia. You never heard of this far off land where Walmartians live? Walmartians are weird and unusual race of people that live in the land once known a Wal-mart. Anyone have great tales of their adventures into...
  9. Salzmank

    Fun "The Puzzle Murder Case"

    Below a puzzle, posted here in three parts, that I wrote--something of a puzzle in the form of a detective story, to be honest. I hope you humor the format and enjoy it. (The detective is indeed very annoying, on purpose, but then he's a parody of S.S. Van Dine's very annoying Philo Vance...
  10. High Plains Drifter

    Review Top 10 Movies So Bad They Were Pulled From Theaters

    Funny thing there are movies I wasted money on and felt they shouldn't have made it to the theater. I even question the some of the movies at Wallyworld asking 20 bucks for a movie which will be half off in a year or two. Learned my lesson with a few said actors movies in the past few years to...
  11. High Plains Drifter

    Review What Game Froze On You & Made You The Most Angry?

    Have you ever played a game and had it mess up on you. If so what was it? Did you have the system reset on you? Have a loading screen that no loaded? What about a Save problem that caused you to loose all your game? Did you have the Cloud mess up and never save your game at all? Have you ever...
  12. High Plains Drifter

    Review Top 10 Movie Quotes Everyone Gets Wrong

    This is something I think we can keep adding to.....
  13. High Plains Drifter

    Fun Guess The Movie From The Quote?

    "Even if you were right, that would be one plus one plus two plus one, not one plus *two* plus one plus one."
  14. High Plains Drifter

    Fun What If We All Watched a Online Movie Together?

    Have you ever watched a live stream on YT movie, shows, or games? What if we could all agree on a movie on Dailymotion, Shout Factory, or Youtube? All start watching it at the same time and chat while we are watching it. In a sense it would be like a group of friends hanging out at the movies...
  15. High Plains Drifter

    Review Star Wars vs Star Trek

    Can some one explain to me the Star Wars vs Star Trek beef? I hear so many people say or one or the other. Can't you be both or is the beef done up as a joke?
  16. High Plains Drifter

    Fun Look Alikes

    Fun little game of photos of celebrity of look-alikes Sean Spicer looks like Larry Linville (MASH) Joaquin Phoenix looks like Kim Coates
  17. High Plains Drifter

    Fun Getting Drunk on Easter...

    I was out driving today and the DJ on the radio was talking about getting drunk on Easter joking around. I was sitting there thinking how many fun ways there are to really do this at an Easter party. BTW Keep adding because I think this is something fun to do, try, or even up with your own...
  18. High Plains Drifter

    Fun Anyone else like sitting next to a nice fire?

    Just outside, chilling doing a slow burn all night. Enjoying the smell of the smoke, popping of the wood in the fire, & sizzling of the green wood dripping bubble sap. Nice starry night, clear moon in the sky, the sound of frogs off in the distance. Just chilling on the back porch with my hound...
  19. ant-mac

    Review What Book Are You Reading?

    “The bitch is dead now.” I've just finished re-reading CASINO ROYALE by Ian Fleming. I'm now ready to move on to LIVE AND LET DIE again. I like CASINO ROYALE, but it isn't my favourite Ian Fleming novel. I think that honour goes to either FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE or OHMSS. Does anyone else on...
  20. High Plains Drifter

    Fun Real Headlines, Products, and Wedding Announcements

    Do you remember The Tonight Show reading headlines, products, and wedding announcements? You can post photos of some of the weird and funny headlines from where you're from. It can even be photo's of real newspaper headlines you find internet searches.