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    Alan "Leandros" Haldane has decided to settle down, possibly for good in Alunda to stay near his daughter Elena. He also wants to see if he can help with their problem regarding the taverna. Babis Spiridakis doesn't think this is a smart move.
    B " you may get hurt. Elena not knowing you're her father might regard it as interference from a stranger"
    H " well I'll have to win her trust"
    Annika has been summoned almost by her mother Katerina to visit her in her villa.
    K " I hear you're seeing an Englishman"
    A " not any Englishman. It's Leandros, who fought for the Andartes during the war"
    K " You invited him to dinner alone?"
    A " what of it mother?"
    K " you've already made one bad choice for a husband. A divorce that bought shame on our family name. Matheos would be a better choice, and he loves you. Yet you treat him badly"
    A " Matheos is my business manager and I treat him well but I don't love him. But why talk of marriage? I've only met Leandros a few times. But I do find him attractive"
    K " promise me you'll never see him again"
    A "why?"
    K " because I have asked you, that is enough"
    A " for what reason are you against this man?"
    K " promise me!"
    A " no mother, I cannot, and I'm seeing him tonight. You now know without Matheos coming here to tell you "
    That evening, in town at a restaurant Annika and Haldane meet another Englishman, Hebden, and his daughter Josephine (Lalla Ward). Hebden too fought here in Crete during the war, but not with the partisan army, the Andartes, he tells his story.
    H " I was with signals corp, stationed about 40 miles from here. Our job was to keep a lookout for the Germans and get word to the authorities and protect the coastal village. We came under attack, and lost many men. The Germans advanced towards us. We had a choice of surrender and be a POW or try to retreat and warn the Andartes. They were just nine of us left, two injured, we couldn't leave them, so we carried them, that slowed us down. Most of the men wanted to surrender but I was the ranking sergeant, we had lost the other officers, so I took charge. It was a slow march, a Stuka bomber spotted us from the air and sprayed the road.."
    Haldane" how many survived?"
    Heb " Five of us, we lost one wounded, in the attack, so me , one wounded and three others made it to Alunda. The Andartes hid us in a cave until we could get out"
    Josephine" my father loves telling his war story, but I forgive him, he's a hero"
    Hebden " oh , I'm no hero, not like you Leandros"
    Annika " you are a hero Mr Hebden, all those who fought for us Cretans were"
    The next day Haldane is at home when the police call.
    Kr " my name is Major Krasakis. I know all about you Mr Haldane, or Leandros if you prefer. I need your help. An old man , on a donkey is coming down from the hills, he'll be here the day after tomorrow. His intention is to kill Hebden"
    H "whatever for!?"
    Krasakis" I gather Hebden dined with you last night and told you of his bravery. He didn't tell the whole story. All Cretans know that Hebden's group hiding in that cave were found by the Nazis. The officer in charge of them made a deal with the English sergeant, to leave them be if they revealed the location of the Cretan terrorists, the Andartes. Hebden agreed. That night 36 men women and children died in the attack. The people of Alunda were gathered in the square as the executions of other Andartes fighters took place"
    H " I had heard something of this, but we always thought it was German propaganda"
    K " it was no propaganda. I want you to speak to Hebden and get him to leave. I can not stop the old man, Goulskis, he has committed no crime. When the people of Alunda find out they will demand blood. I will best to uphold the law but it may prove impossible"
    H " I'll do what I can Major"
    But Hebden denies everything.
    Hb " it's nonsense Leandros"
    Josephine " and what is this major Krasakis doing? Nothing ! It's outrageous"
    Hb " I will stay and face this man"
    Matheos is quick to put the boot in and tells Annika,
    " I hear an old man from the mountains is coming to kill an Englishman who betrayed the Andartes . It seems your Leandros is not the hero he would have you believe"
    In the quiet of their hotel room Hebden has had second thoughts, he tells his daughter,
    Hb " perhaps Haldane was right, maybe we should leave Jo"
    J " that would make people believe the lies"
    In the square the whole of Alunda is there, including Annika and Haldane. Hebden stares in the face of the old man as he clambers off his donkey.
    The man is puzzled, looking at Hebden astonished, not who he expected.
    Hebden " you know don't you?"
    Hebden collapses on his knees in tears.
    Hb " it wasn't me, it was sergeant McKenzie. Please tell these people, it wasn't me. I wasn't even a sergeant, I was one of the wounded. I was carried for days by the others, I lost consciousness many times, I don't even remember the cave, we lost men because of me! They would not leave me. I contributed nothing"
    He uncontrollably sobs, Leandros picks him up, even the old man seeking revenge feels pity.
    Hb ( sobbing) " I'm sorry Jo"
    Jo " it was all lies, the father I admired, all built on lies"
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