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  1. High Plains Drifter

    Review 2001 Maniacs Field Of Screams (2010)

    I really wished they wouldn't have made this movie. This is the worst in the Maniac series of movies. Bill Moseley just couldn't come close to Robert Englund performance of Buckman.
  2. High Plains Drifter

    Review Top 10 Movies So Bad They Were Pulled From Theaters

    Funny thing there are movies I wasted money on and felt they shouldn't have made it to the theater. I even question the some of the movies at Wallyworld asking 20 bucks for a movie which will be half off in a year or two. Learned my lesson with a few said actors movies in the past few years to...
  3. R

    Fun Your Top 5 Horror Movies

    For me the winner is the raw egg scene in Napoleon Dynamite. I can't even think of it without literally gagging. Also, any movie scene dealing with phlegm.
  4. Doctor Omega

    Review Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)

    Your thoughts on this movie..... The Martians kidnap Santa Claus because there is nobody on Mars to give their children presents.
  5. Doctor Omega

    Review Swept Away (2002)

    Your thoughts on this movie.... A snooty socialite is stranded on a Mediterranean island with a communist sailor.
  6. Doctor Omega

    Review The Happening (2008)

    Your thoughts on this movie..... A science teacher, his wife, and a young girl struggle to survive a plague that causes those infected to commit suicide.
  7. Doctor Omega

    Review Ishtar (1987)

    Your thoughts on this movie.... Two terrible lounge singers get booked to play a gig in a Moroccan hotel but somehow become pawns in an international power play between the C.I.A., the Emir of Ishtar, and the rebels trying to overthrow his regime.
  8. Doctor Omega

    Review Edward D. Wood Jr.

    Was Director Ed Wood actually a genius of sorts? Discuss his life and career here.....
  9. Doctor Omega

    Review Batman & Robin (1997)

    Your thoughts on this movie..... Batman and Robin try to keep their relationship together even as they must stop Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy from freezing Gotham City.
  10. Doctor Omega

    Review Time of the Apes (1974)

    Your thoughts on this movie.... Three bumbling morons accidentally stumble into a cryogenic freezer and end up in the future, where monkeys populate the Earth.