1. High Plains Drifter

    Fun Do You Ever Get So Engulfed Into A Book........

    Honest question Did you ever get so engulfed into a book, it plays out like a movie in your mind? If so what book or books have you seen come to life in your mind? If the book or series was turned into a movie did it turn out how you pictured it?
  2. ant-mac

    Review What Book Are You Reading?

    “The bitch is dead now.” I've just finished re-reading CASINO ROYALE by Ian Fleming. I'm now ready to move on to LIVE AND LET DIE again. I like CASINO ROYALE, but it isn't my favourite Ian Fleming novel. I think that honour goes to either FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE or OHMSS. Does anyone else on...
  3. High Plains Drifter

    Review Books

    Come up with funny titles that you wish were real. Even better if in the end they turn out to be real. Always thought it would be funny to see a book called....... True Tales, of a Soda Jerk How I Survived a Hour in Walmart, & Lived To Tell About It Oh God, Is She Really Wearing Leggings...
  4. A

    Review Nocturnal Animals (2016)

    I have just seen Nocturnal Animals, based in Richard Wright's Tony and Susan.When a film is usually based on a book, people usually consider the book to be much better, but in this case, it was the other way around. The film was much more interesting, and easier to understand. In the comments...
  5. Doctor Omega

    Review The Works of James Joyce

    Your thoughts and views on the works of James Joyce....
  6. A

    Review Arrival (2016)

    I sort of liked Arrival, but I would have preferred that it kept itself more loyal to the original short story. The main different for me is not the language, but the concept of letting loved ones go. The daughter grows to become a wealthy / successful adult who dies in a car accident. It is the...