1. PF4Eva

    News Dick Dale (1937-2019) Legendary pioneering surf-rock guitarist Dick Dale has died. He famously pushed the limits of electric guitar amplification, testing out (and blowing up) everything Leo Fender built. Then Fender...
  2. McQualude

    Fun What is a performance you will never forget?

    For me there are 2, for different reasons. 1. In the 80's I got to see Don McLean perform live. American Pie is one of my all time favorite songs. It was on a clifftop near Anchorage, AK of all places. It was windy, chilly and magical. 2. Seeing Tom Petty in concert the first time. I always...
  3. High Plains Drifter

    Review Prince

    Might want to give it a listen before they wank it off the web. What is your take on it? Good or Bad? Prince - Deliverance EP
  4. Van Meter Visitor

    Review Jimmy Smith, the Hammond B-3 organist!

    Discovering his CD's in the early 2000's made me a huge fan of instrumental jazz. I was mostly into soundtracks and classical before that. His albums were the bridge that led me into the world of jazz-laden film scores and instrumental jazz itself, such as bebop and the Lounge-Tiki...
  5. High Plains Drifter

    Fun What Instruments Do You Play?

    If you play a musical instrument take a picture of what you play? What instruments do you wish you owned? Even links of videos of you jamming away.
  6. Doctor Omega

    Review Kraftwerk

    Your thoughts on this group....
  7. Doctor Omega

    Review Nick Drake

    Your thoughts on this musician and his work....
  8. Doctor Omega

    Fun The Best Music Thread in the Universe!

    An any and all music thread. Got a song you like? Stick it on here! :emoji_alien:
  9. Doctor Omega

    Review The Alan Parsons Project

    Your thoughts on this group....
  10. Doctor Omega

    Fun One Hit Wonders

    They never forged a long term career. But you really like the one song that they had a hit with. Tell us which song it is here... ...
  11. Doctor Omega

    Review Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

    Your thoughts on this movie..... A chronicle of the years leading up to Queen's legendary appearance at the Live Aid (1985) concert.
  12. Doctor Omega

    Review Madonna

    Post and chatter here about everything Madonna related...
  13. Doctor Omega

    Review The Rolling Stones

    Your thoughts on this group.
  14. Doctor Omega

    Review The Beatles

    Post and chatter here about the Fab Four The best band of all time? Were they right to split up when they did? And did they lose something as solo artists?