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Series 1: 1966

Ep Title Original airdate

1 "A Vintage Year for Scoundrels" 23 June 1966
Edwardian adventurer and gentleman, Adam Adamant, pursues his opponent known as The Face to an abandoned mansion. Once there he is trapped and frozen into an everlasting death. Awakening in 1966, he is befriended by young Georgina Jones. When Georgina's grandfather is murdered, Adam is plunged into battle with the vicious protection racketeers responsible.

2 2 "Death Has a Thousand Faces" 30 June 1966
When a man is stabbed to death for a stick of Blackpool rock Adamant and Jones discover a mysterious piece of paper and they journey to Blackpool. Once there, they make the acquaintance of Simms, a Punch and Judy puppeteer who joins them in their hunt.

3 3 "More Deadly Than the Sword" 7 July 1966
Adam and Georgina (minus Simms) journey to Japan in order to help a British politician when he becomes blackmailed by terrorists.

4 4 "The Sweet Smell of Disaster" 14 July 1966
Adam finds himself battling against his own friends when a carnation starts to cause chaos.

5 5 "Allah Is Not Always With You" 21 July 1966
Adam is plunged into the world of nightclubs, drugs and murder whilst investigating the death of a young girl who has connection with an Arabic prince...

6 6 "The Terribly Happy Embalmers" 4 August 1966
The murder of a financier leads Adam into the world of embalmers but his own fate is catching up with him.

7 7 "To Set a Deadly Fashion" 11 August 1966
Adam gets in the way of a murder plot when he enters the world of fashion.

8 8 "The Last Sacrifice" 18 August 1966
A weekend in the countryside turns into a race to stop a magician who is holding humanity to ransom.

9 9 "Sing a Song of Murder" 25 August 1966
Adam's past catches up with him when his friends are accused of murder. Can he prove their innocence before his world crashes around him?

10 10 "The Doomsday Plan" 1 September 1966
Adam is led to 'Doctor' Mort, a so-called prophet who predicts the world will end.

11 11 "Death by Appointment Only" 8 September 1966
A series of murders could be the end of the world.

12 12 "Beauty Is an Ugly Word" 15 September 1966
Adam enters the world of glamour whilst trying to stop another attempt to end the world.

13 13 "The League of Uncharitable Ladies" 22 September 1966
A murder leads Adam to three sinister old ladies. Can he discover their secret before all hell breaks loose?

14 14 "Ticket to Terror" 29 September 1966
Adam investigates when 400 passengers disappear from a Waterloo & City line train.

15 15 "The Village of Evil" 6 October 1966
Adam, Georgina and Simms goes off for a peaceful fishing trip, but a case involving a young boy's missing pet mice and the practice of satanic rites land him in another investigation.

16 16 "D for Destruction" 13 October 1966
A series of 'accidental deaths' lead 'Colonel' Adam Adamant back into his old regiment. Once there, he learns of a plan to hijack Great Britain's nuclear missiles...

Series 2: 1966–67

Ep Title Original airdate

17 "A Slight Case of Reincarnation" 31 December 1966
Adam is determined to free an African leader from the spell of the Face. *

2 18 "Black Echo" 7 January 1967
Adam visits an exiled Russian Grand Duchess, who is requesting him because he is familiar with a pearl necklace that she once owned, and is now trying to reclaim it. However, upon arrival at the Duchess's home, Adam finds two horrifying secrets from his past are about to return...

3 19 "Conspiracy of Death" 14 January 1967
Adam investigates the murder of an old wartime friend.

4 20 "The Basardi Affair" 21 January 1967
Adam gets on the wrong side of the ruler of an oil-rich country.

5 21 "The Survivors" 28 January 1967
Adam investigates a strange spate of murders.

6 22 "Face in a Mirror" 4 February 1967
The Face returns, determined to rid the world of Adam Adamant once and for all.

7 23 "Another Little Drink" 11 February 1967
Adam has to work fast to stop the spreading of a deadly poison.

8 24 "Death Begins at Seventy" 18 February 1967
Adam investigates strange happenings at an old people's home.

9 25 "Tunnel of Death" 25 February 1967
The Face's new plans threaten to tear the world to pieces.

10 26 "The Deadly Bullet" 4 March 1967
Adam investigates when a magician is murdered.

11 27 "The Resurrectionists" 11 March 1967
Adam is left powerless when the Face's agents start their invasion.

12 28 "Wish You Were Here" 18 March 1967
Could the death of Simms's mother mean a deadly trap for Adam?

13 29 "A Sinister Sort of Service" 25 March 1967
A series of nation-wide robberies plunge Adam, Georgina and Simms into the hands of a deadly group of security guards...

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List of lost episodes

Series Episode No. Lost Episodes Original Broadcast Date

0 Pilot Adam Adamant Lives Not broadcast

1 14 Ticket To Terror 29 September 1966

2 1 A Slight Case of Reincarnation 31 December 1966

3 Conspiracy of Death 14 January 1967

4 The Basardi Affair 21 January 1967

5 The Survivors 28 January 1967

6 Face in a Mirror 4 February 1967

7 Another Little Drink 11 February 1967

8 Death Begins at Seventy 18 February 1967

9 Tunnel of Death 25 February 1967

10 The Deadly Bullet 4 March 1967

11 The Resurrectionists 11 March 1967

12 Wish You Were Here 18 March 1967

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One of the lost episodes has just been found on audio.

Kalescope have announced the following....

The find is a pristine complete AUDIO recording of a missing episode of Adam Adamant Lives! We know a lot of our friends and supporters were probably hoping for something a bit more visual to go along with this audio find but we are very excited by what this is and we will share the name of the episode, how it was found and audio clips from the recently found episode on the next episode of Kaleidoscope’s From the Archive: A British Television Podcast.
Will update with title a.s.a.p. :emoji_alien:


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Here in the U.K. Gerald Harper is better known as Hadleigh, the Squire the played for four seasons in the 70's . I've put up a thread about this show. It's a bit of a niche show but I've recently gone through all four seasons and Harper is mesmerizing in it.


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Although it's very dated I still think Adam Adamant is a great series and I love that theme and song!

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Details of the audio find.......


Adam Adamant Lives - The Basardi Affair
tx: 21/1/1967 BBC1
The Basardi Affair
Written by Ian Stuart Black
Adam Adamant Gerald Harper
Georgina Jones Juliet Harmer
William E. Simms Jack May
The Face Peter Ducrow
with Zia Mohyeddin, Kate O'Mara, Suzanne Mockler, William Kendall, Salmann Peer, Joe Cornelius, Roy Stewart, Douglas Kirk, Elroy Josephs, Sumantha and Sumanda
Theme music by Hal Shaper
Theme music by David Lee
Theme music by Kathy Kirby
Produced by Verity Lambert
Script consultant Tony Williamson
Directed by Henri Safran
A BBC production for BBC 1.
Originally transmitted 21.01.1967
For the full insight into its audio-only recovery and plans to create an animated version, listen to Greg Bakun's latest Podcast (pinned post at the top of this page).

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Next year will bring a plethora of celebrations for our 30th Anniversary. We have never been in such good shape, with new books including the memoirs of Lewis Rudd and a superb book about the History of Alexandra Palace 1929-1939; there is the new DVD range and special events including a tribute to Grange Hill; an evening with Madeline Smith and an animated version of Adam Adamant Lives! – The Basardi Affair to come…. all of which will be reported on Facebook and through our brilliant podcast, "From the Archive", which can be downloaded & subscribed to via iTunes here:…/fromthearchives-pod…/id1182742747


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I wish we still had the second series of this great series! The identity of The Face and his appearance in Black Echo for instance seems to be at odds with the first episode, A Slight Case of Reincarnation plus how did The Face gain a mechanical hand in the final episode of the series? And apparently the show was not really sold abroad so what we have now is all we're likely to have sadly!

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Adam Adamant Lives - Fantasy Sixties

Here's a fascinating little article about the classic and beautiful 1960's BBC Adventure series - Adam Adamant Lives. It looks like all the full episodes are available to watch on youtube,but to get all the interviews and articles about this lovely series I recommend you buy the wonderful DVD release.


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Adam Adamant Lives! 1966–1967 Extended TV Theme HD

Music: Kathy Kirby (Singer), David Lee, Hal Shaper Cast: Gerald Harper, Juliet Harmer, Jack May, Peter Ducrow, Derek Ware, Barry Jackson, Derek Martin plus many others Edwardian adventurer Adam Adamant is frozen alive in a block of ice by his arch-nemesis The Face in 1902 ; in 1966 workmen discover him and he is revived, perfectly preserved... but completely bewildered by his new environment, "swinging 60's" London, until he meets up with the beautiful Georgina Jones, who helps him adapt - and before long, he is back to adventuring, solving crime & fighting evil wherever it may lurk...



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Adam Adamant Lives?

Has anyone got anything to say about this cracker of a series? I enjoyed seeing the first two episodes on VHS years back and before that on a special old TV night! But I foolishly bought a set of very unclear episodes on DVD off the net years back before the remastered set came out which was released in 2006! Although I watched them then I hadn't revisited until last year and they are still great to see and enjoy! Shame that there are only two episodes of the second series available and they're not in the best of quality either!
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I have only ever seen the opening episode and liked what I saw of it. It reminded me of the Pertwee era, with a dash of Steed and Emma Peel thrown in. A gent who wouldn't look out of place in a men's only club wandering around in a vintage car having adventures with a young lady. It treally is a show that I must sit down with a box set of some time. Hopefully with this promised animated BASARDI AFFAIR included too.


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Well I doubt they will release The Barsadi animation as a one off, Doc! Hopefully if they do re-release the series it will be with a better style box as it was difficult to release the discs from the holders in the original one!