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Doctor Omega

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Maybe you used to choose one particular ice lolly because it had your favourite tv show or movie monster on the wrapper?

Maybe you collected awful tasting cereal, just to get those rub-down transfers?

What are your geeky memories of favourite confectionary?

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Doctor Omega

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In the uk, we had these, SCREWBALL ice cream. There would be a ball of bubble gum in the bottom, but they looked incredibly suspiciously like transparent Daleks.

I had a friend who used to paint them up and, stick three matchsticks in them - and, hey presto! - to paraphrase a bit of Pertwee, "Somewhere in his house there were 10,000 Daleks!"


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These were something I had to have every Halloween. They were supposed to last you the whole day, but I always ended up chewing the damned things up and then whining to my mom to buy me another set. Looking back, I don't know what the fascination was, outside of the fact that I would always get the ones with the fangs, so I looked like a vampire at a pride parade.
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