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I watched and liked most of the Roger Corman flicks etc when I was a kid, but I also had this album by the Alan Parsons project, originally released in 1976 then re-released in 1987, with added narration by Orson Welles that had been recorded in 1976, but had been left off the original album.....
For those here ancient enough to remember its release, here's the original mix, sans Orson Wells voice-overs & additional guitar work:

I like both, but with few exceptions, I prefer whichever version of a song or film I experience first.
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Hey @Doctor Omega!

Trivia on APP: He was the producer for the band and gave it his name. To my knowledge, he never actually played with them! I too was a huge fan growing up and The Raven in particular is a favorite song. Thanks for the reminder!

:emoji_kiss::emoji_dancer: And, of course, DBs for APP! :emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers:

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AMERICAN MASTERS | Edgar Allan Poe: Buried Alive: Official Trailer | PBS

Published on Sep 27, 2017

Official Trailer:

Best known for his Gothic horror tales and narrative poem “The Raven,” Poe’s stories are the basis of countless films and TV episodes, and have inspired even more, as has his name and image. Determined to re-invent American literature, Poe was an influential – and brutally honest – literary critic and magazine editor, who also invented the detective protagonist with his character C. Auguste Dupin.

Premieres Mon, October 30, 2017

Discover the real story of the notorious author, starring Denis O’Hare as Edgar Allan Poe. Explores the misrepresentations of Poe and reveals how he tapped into what it means to be human in a modern and sometimes frightening world.


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'The Strange Case of Edgar Allan Poe'

Radio play by Christopher Cook, in which C. Auguste Dupin - Poe's fictional sleuth - tries to solve the very real mystery of the author's death. Fiction merges with fantasy in a tour de force that I really enjoyed. This is a BBC play that is not available to purchase. I don't own the copyright.


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Horror film missing for 50 years found in Scotland
  • 23 October 2018


It seems treasures can still be found in attics, after a missing horror film turned up.

The Tell-Tale Heart (1953) is a 20-minute British adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's psychological drama.

The film was rediscovered in 2017 when Jeff Wells, a 16mm enthusiast, found the reel in his loft in Drummore, near Stranraer.

It has now been digitally restored, and will be made available to watch online in time for Halloween.

Mr Wells, who had bought the film from a second-hand shop in Brighton in 1984, got in touch with Adelphi films after finding out it was missing from their catalogue.

He had rediscovered it while clearing out his loft.

'Given up hope'
Adelphi Films' manager Kate Lees had been actively searching for the film for the last 12 years.

She said: "We are very excited to have found this film after searching for it for so long and had almost given up hope.

"It is a really excellent film and Stanley Baker is terrific."

Josephine Botting, British Film Institute (BFI) curator, added: "It's always exciting when a missing film comes to light, and an addition to both the catalogue of British producer Adelphi and the filmography of Edgar Allan Poe, is a wonderful discovery.

"We're delighted to be preserving the 16mm print and also to make the film available online to new audiences via BFI Player in time for Halloween."

The Tell-Tale Heart, which stars Stanley Baker, will be available on the BFI website from Friday, for two weeks.