Review Films That You Think Were Ruined by Actors/Directors/Writers!

The Seeker

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Well well well! With all the different endings they could have made three movies! You know what would have been creative (but a little jarring, since the movie would have to take a different turn)? To have a Sliding Doors scenario with all the endings, but the rest of the film would have to be shortened, naturally. Hmm, no, that wouldn't have worked for this type of movie, I guess.

Doctor Omega

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I think that Alien 3 was certainly compromised by giving Sigourney Weaver too much power.


She started deciding that there would be no guns. No thanks to bringing Hicks and Newt back - and she insisted upon Ripley dying, only for her to change her mind a few years later when more millions were waved in her face.

These may have been very good ideas, but it means that the star is one too many cooks perhaps? One more thing that can compromise the vision of a director like David Fincher, who would surely have preferred to have been given free reign?

Having said that, I still like it best of all the Alien films. But this may be as much down to Fincher's remarkable direction and the black humour laced throughout the film.