Review Forbidden Planet (1956)


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Still a classic after all these years and an inspiration for Star Trek....

What do you think of Forbidden Planet?

And could a remake ever work?
Actually, at one point JMS of Babylon 5 fame wrote a script for a Forbidden Planet remake. I would have like to have seen it. But apparently the project isn't moving forward.

Doctor Omega

An Australian radio adaption using the original electronic music and noted local actors was broadcast in June 1959 on "The Caltex Radio Theatre".

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Another very fine SF film from the 1950s.

Sometimes, these simple, old-fashioned films put the modern CGI extravaganzas to shame.

Doctor Omega

Robby the Robot sells for $ 5.3 million: the second most valuable movie accessory in history.

Robby the Robot sells for $ 5.3 million: the second most valuable movie accessory in history.

It is a sign of the times that one of the oldest and best known robots in the history of cinema should go to the top of the list of the most expensive film accessories that have been sold. Now that robots have progressed from science fiction to reality, it's not at all surprising that the price of Robby the Robot has surpassed all but one of the most iconic movie accessories in history. The complete Robby suit, the control panel, his jeep, numerous spare parts, original hands, alternative claws and the original wooden shipping boxes were sold yesterday November 21, 2017 by Bonhams in New York for US $ 5,375,000 including premium buyers.

The only specially designed film accessory that was ever sold for more is the 1955 Marilyn Monroe subway dress from The Seven Year Itch that was sold by Profiles in History for $ 5,520,000 including the buyers premium in 2011. Robby the Robot can having first appeared in the 1956 film Forbidden Planet, but his film and television appearances total more than 30, including films such as The Invisible Boy, Phantom Empire and Gremlins, and his appearances on television shows included episodes of My Little Margie , The Thin Man, Columbo, The Addams Family, Lost in Space, The Twilight Zone, The Man by UNCLE, Mork & Mindy, Project UFO and Ark II.

Robby the Robot was also used in a famous AT & T television commercial in 2006, and was included in the Robot Hall of Fame in 2004, so Robby may seem a bit kitsch when seen in an era where Toyota and Honda offers much more Robots to the public, it was on the verge of technological capacity at the time it was built by MGM more than 60 years ago. In 1956, Robby's construction costs reportedly accounted for seven percent of the $ 1.9 million budget of Forbidden Planet, which is estimated at $ 133,000 in 1956 dollars: approximately $ 1.2 million today. The full story of the robot is reported by experts in the 2017 winter edition of the quarterly magazine Bonhams, with the description of the auction adding more detailed details.