Review Game Shows!

Doctor Omega

I would like to be snobby about it, but to be honest I have always enjoyed game shows as, at the very least, background television.

And sometimes they have provided a cheerful and lighthearted distraction from a stressful day.

They of course,suffer from the perpetual problem of being more entertaining "back in the day" but that is, of course, a subjective view.

So I would never want game shows to vanish. They remain a staple of television. Part of the mix.

And they have provided some dramas along the way too...
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I remember catching various game shows here and there growing up, but they weren't a staple in our home. Mom wrote them off as lesser entertainment, and in the days of one TV, you watched what mom wanted. The only game show she was ever a fan of was Jeopardy, and I have many fond memories of sitting with her answering questions (we were Trivial Pursuit nuts, so we usually knew most of the answers). I remember seeing Millionaire when it premiered, and used to yell at the TV because people couldn't answer easy questions that anyone should have gotten (I understand that it could be TV jitters, but still).


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The question of how many moons does Earth have was revisited three more times on the show. Here are all four clips together , ending with the latest view that Earth may have no moons at all.


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See, I wish that we had actual quiz shows like they do in the UK. I used to have to drive for work, and on Sundays, I would listen to quiz shows on NPR, both of their making and from the BBC. And seeing clips of QI, The Big Fat Quiz Show and a few others make me wish that we could have more of that here. The closest I have seen is At Midnight on Comedy Central, and even that isn't nearly as good.