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All The “Myst” Games Get Re-Released


The original PC gaming franchise, “Myst,” is making a comeback with developers Cyan announcing a 25th anniversary complete “Myst” franchise package.

Published on, the team talked about how the surreal puzzle game broke barriers, becoming a massive critical and commercial success. The follow-up “Riven” also performed well, while three further “Myst” titles were also released over the years.

Now, after taking several years to get all the legalities worked out, the games will be getting a re-release for Windows 10 in a single package due out sometime later this year. The digital release will also be accompanied by a physical release, which will be available as a limited collector’s edition.

Pricing and dates haven’t yet been revealed.


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“A Way Out” Game Launch Trailer


Electronic Arts and Hazelight Studios (“Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons”) have released a launch trailer for the upcoming co-op adventure “A Way Out” which launches this Friday, March 23rd.

The story follows Leo and Vincent, two men who don’t know each other but who will have to learn to work together to break out of prison and continue on beyond its walls in car chases, stealth passages, melee fights, shootouts and more.

Your path to freedom will require you to solve puzzles, complete minigames, talk, shoot, fight, sneak, drive, and run as you navigate the dangers both inside and outside the joint. The game is designed to be played with two players from start to finish.


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Has Valve Quietly Killed Steam Machines?


The Steam Machine, the PC-console hybrid line-up introduced nearly five years ago that was to usher a new wave of gaming, has seemingly had its death warrant served to it today.

Ars Technica reports that Valve is no longer highlighting Steam Machine hardware through the front page of its online Steam store, though a store page linking to four remaining Steam Machine partners remains accessible through a direct link.

Steam Machines never really caught on. The aim was to introduce the advantages of PC gaming – upgradability, better processors & graphics, and Steam itself – in a console form factor that could sit under a TV. However, the hybrid suffered from compatibility issues and delays and never found its niche, even as the two separate arenas of console and PC gaming have both thrived in recent years. In 2016 the writing was on the wall for the devices when it was revealed less than 500,000 units were sold in seven months.

Valve is continuing to support its peripheral hardware efforts including the Steam Controller, the Steam Link in-home streaming box, and support for SteamVR-based headsets like the HTC Vive.


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SEGA Announces The Mini-Mega Drive


Following in the wake of mini versions of Nintendo’s NES and Super NES consoles, SEGA has announced that a miniature version of the SEGA Mega Drive (aka. SEGA Genesis in the U.S.) will be released later this year – timed with the console’s 30th anniversary.

Announced at this past weekend’s SEGA FES event, details are sketchy – especially as to cost, built-in features and what games it will include. SEGA is partnering with hardware manufacturer AtGames on the project as SEGA bowed out of the hardware manufacturing business in the early 2000s after the failure of the Dreamcast.

Both the NES Classic and SNES Classic sold millions of units, with stock of the latter selling out within minutes.

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EA Boss Reflects On Loot Box Disaster


Half a year removed from the loot box controversy surrounding “Star Wars: Battlefront II,” EA’s newly-appointed chief design officer Patrick Soderlund admits that the response to the game has been a steep learning curve for those involved.

The game failed to reach expectations, fuelled by the online reaction against it following the game’s design which pushed people into forking out extra cash for loot boxes to make serious progression in the game. With all microtransactions in gaming now under scrutiny and some potentially on the way to being banned due to their constituting a form of gambling, EA’s obvious greed may have ultimately poisoned the revenue well they’ve been drinking from for some time.

Speaking with The Verge, Soderlund claims the company has learned from its mistakes and will try harder in the future:

“We have taken significant steps as a company to review and understand the mechanics around monetization, loot boxes, and other things in our games before they go to market. For games that come next, for Battlefield or for Anthem, [players have] made it very clear that we can’t afford to make similar mistakes. And we won’t.

At the same time, we got it wrong. And as a result, we had to take very quick and drastic actions to turn everything off, and we’ve since worked and redesigned the progression system. People seem to appreciate what we’ve done, players are coming back, and we’re seeing stronger engagement numbers. People seem to think that for the most part, we got it right…we’ll have to be very cautious with what this means for future products.”

Despite the sales pitch, many are unwilling to forgive EA for their actions. It may have been the catalyst for the loot box revolt, but ‘Battlefront II’ was hardly the first game to try this trick and subsequently past and future titles are being more closely examined in the wake of all this.

One of EA’s hopes in the next year or so is BioWare’s “Anthem”. After “Mass Effect: Andromeda” had such a rocky development process and resulting game, BioWare GM Casey Hudson is also offering a mea culpa of sorts and says they plan to do better. He tells Variety:

“[We need to] delight players with new experiences and innovation, but we must stay focused on the importance of the world, character, and storytelling elements that players expect from our games. And our games must be designed to continue delivering new stories and experiences, in an ongoing relationship with players in the worlds we’re evolving together. It will be unlike anything you’ve played, but if we do it right, it will feel very distinctly BioWare.”

This matches talk that the plan for BioWare (and EA) going forward would be to rely less on big self-contained single-player games and more on ‘games as a service’ like “Destiny” where it’s all about hooking players in long-term to provide an ongoing revenue stream.

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Walmart Accident Reveals New Major Games?

In what appears to be an accident, Walmart Canada apparently leaked the titles of numerous unannounced video games on its website Wednesday.

Many have since been removed but screengrabs of the titles were taken by users and, if true, appear to have spoiled some surprise announcements to be made next month at E3.
Amongst the new titles listed are “Just Cause 4,” “Rage 2,” “Gears of War 5,” “Dragon Quest 2,” “Borderlands 3,” “Forza Horizon 5,” a new “Splinter Cell” and “Lego DC Villains” along with placeholders for previously announced titles like “The Last of Us 2,” “The Division 2” and “Beyond Good & Evil 2”.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) takes place June 12th-14th in Los Angeles.

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“Detroit: Become Human” Gets A Launch Trailer


PlayStation has released the launch trailer for “Detroit: Become Human,” the newest part-interactive movie/part-game from “Heavy Rain” and “Beyond Two Souls” creators Quantic Dream. The game is set to launch this Friday, May 25th.

The story is set in the near future in a dystopian setting that focuses on the story of three androids, machines initially designed to obey, that start to experience emotions. The androids, Connor, Kara, and Markus, will have to decide who they want to be as they are confronted with persecution and the violence of society.

Connor is a prototype designed to help human investigators on cases involving androids. Kara becomes a fugitive empathizing with a little girl and united in their dream of freedom. Markus will eventually become the leader of the android revolution.

The game offers multiple protagonists and perspectives in order to bring the game’s main plot to life, and player choices will have ‘real and spectacular consequences’ within the gameplay with massive sequences being seen or missed depending upon choices.


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“Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” Confirmed For E3


Ubisoft have confirmed that they’re set to reveal “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey,” the next game in their series, at E3 next month.

News of the title broke earlier today when a piece of merchandising was discovered which suggested an ancient Greece setting and with connections to last year’s ‘Origins’.

Ubisoft responded in the best possible way – releasing a clip of a warrior kicking an enemy off a cliff and confirming both the title and the unveiling of more information at E3.

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Obama vs. Kanye In New “Shaq Fu” Game


Next week sees the release of “Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn,” a satirical martial arts video game which stars Shaquille O’Neal as a kung fu fighter that has to save the world.

It’s a follow-up to the widely panned 1994 fighting game, and a tongue in cheek 3D brawler which was successfully crowdfunded on IndieGoGo. However, it’s the game’s still not officially announced but on the way DLC pack that’s getting attention.

Titled ‘BarackFu’, the additional story allows players to take on the role of ‘Dirty Barry’ – a very thinly veiled take on former United States President Barack Obama. Trophies found by PSN Profiles reveal you can use the move ‘Barack n’ Rolla’, part of the action takes place in France and allows you to use a baguette as a weapon, and you can win the title of ‘Commando-in-Chief’.

Even more interesting is one part will see players get into a confrontation with a Kanye West-inspired character called Con-Ye and if you defeat him you win ‘The Death of Pablo’ trophy. Obama famously called West a jackass while in office, while West recently criticized Obama for not doing more for Chicago while in office.

The game is set to be available on all platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


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Rocksteady’s “Superman” Game At E3?


After it finished work on “Batman: Arkham Knight,” Rocksteady Studios has long been rumored to be working on a top-secret project involving another DC Comics hero – be it either “Superman” or a full-on “Justice League” title.

The company has been dead silent though, locking down on any leaks to the point no-one is sure what to expect. However a new posting on 4chan (via ComicBookMovie) suggests they may finally be ready to debut the game at E3.

In fact, the rumor suggests the game will officially be announced this coming week when Game Informer unveils their July cover. The first gameplay footage will then debut next Sunday, during Microsoft’s E3 conference at 4pm US-EST. Gameplay footage will demonstrate the flying controls and the new combat system as Superman battles Brainiac drones.

Of course, back in November, a similar rumor went around and Game Informer executive editor Andrew Reiner dismissed it flat out. Asked again about the report today, he responded on Twitter with the more cryptic: “He needs a new cape.”

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Bad Robot To Launch A Games Division


J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot production company has announced that they’re expanding into the video game industry with a new division called Bad Robot Games.

The group is partnering with Chinese media conglomerate Tencent to form the new division, which will be controlled and operated by Abrams to develop original games. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is also signing on as a minority investor.

Bad Robot Games will team with various game developers to create both indie-sized and large-scale projects for the mobile, PC and console platforms. Dave Baranoff will run the division while “Duskers” creator Tim Keenan will have a creative director position.

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EA’s “Anthem” Set for February 2019

Electronic Arts and BioWare have announced a February 22nd 2019 release date for “Anthem,” the highly anticipated action-RPG title which will be coming to Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

In the game players can team up with friends as Freelancers — the bold few with the courage to leave civilization behind and explore a landscape of primeval beauty, confront the dangers you find and grow in power with every step.

Up to four players band together to take on whatever perils you discover as a heroic team. Players will also experience massive, world-altering occurrences like Shaper Storms. You will fight savage beasts and ruthless marauders as you delve into forgotten ruins in order to find a way to defeat the forces plotting to conquer humanity.