Fun Gas or Charcoal grill?


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On another web site people were debating which they liked better. A Gas or Charcoal. Good arguments on both sides. I perfer charcoal and my wife likes gas. So the next grill I get will be like one one I pictured below.
That way we have the best of both worlds when it comes to grilling. People that likes the taste of gas grills can use the right side and the people who like the taste of charcoal grills can use the left side. The gas/charcoal grill I pictured will set you back about $200 dollars. For years of grilling I think that is very reasonable.



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I'm to impatient to wait for charcoal. If you use wood chips with a gas grill, you can get different flavors. Cooking out, is the best thing about summer & fall. I would cook out in winter, but I'm a real freeze baby, so I resort to an electric George Foreman.


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Whats the fun in using gas.
Don't know about the fun part but with a gas grill the convenience is great. Turn it on and your ready to start cooking. Plus you can adjust the heat. With that being said I agree with you. Charcoal. It just tastes better so the inconvenience is worth it.


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I have used both, and really, the only plus that gas has is time. I can go out and start a gas grill and be cooking in little to no time. Charcoal takes a while to get to the perfect stage, where the coals are hot but not flaming, plus you have temperature and wind to worry about, depending upon where you have your grill. But the flavor, man! The flavor! By all rights, I should use lump charcoal, because you get a better flavor and fewer chemicals that basic charcoal has, but it's hard to find in my area, and expensive. I grill on a budget. I suppose cost would be another plus for gas grills, in that I can fill my propane tank and grill quite a while, whereas I have to buy charcoal and lighter fluid pretty regularly.

But the flavor, man! The flavor!