Review Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (2010)

Should the Deathly Hallows Have Been One Film & Not Two?

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Shakespeare: Good woman, I have more of this tale to tell of a Kind named Henry, and his...

Carol: Oi! Shakespeare! Get back in the cupboard till I'm good and ready for ya!

Shakespeare: Hmph. Tea and bloody shortbreads.

Carol: What did you say?


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she would get a quarter, and go to the drug store, and get a comic book and a bottle of soda, or a soda and candy.
I like your mum already - and my conversational American is just about good enough to translate the above.
Quarters are money not fractions, comic books are, well, comics; soda is pop (not bicarb or God forbid the caustic stuff you use to clear drains, and candy is sweeties. Other than that, her reasoning is entirely sound.

On the other hand, the first time in my previous life as a tour guide to American seniors I was utterly gobsmacked by lack of understanding: a sweet old biddy came to me clutching a smallish bunch of fluorescent nylon and dangling elasticated straps and told me plaintively that she needed advice as her fanny pack was broken. For at least 10 seconds I wasn't sure whether to call a tailor, a priest or a gynecologist.

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Harry say goodbye, and Dudley tells him that he never really hated him. I know it would have slowed the pace, but I love that moment.
I agree without reservation or hesitation. But I also thought that the book's ending was a major improvement over the movie. I loved his last conversation with the portrait of Dumbledore and how he really dealt with the issue of the wand. It was moving, touching and more true to the story and the person Harry had become.