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I want to explore his early work as "Johnny" Williams. I think there were some jazz flavored ones of note. Well, I don't care if they were "of note" or not, as I always enjoy hearing any of a composer's more obscure, earlier works.

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Han Soloists feel the force at the Proms


It was Oboe-Wan Kenobi and Violindiana Jones at the Royal Albert Hall on Thursday, as the Proms paid tribute to film composer John Williams.

Music from Jaws, Harry Potter and ET (Extra Trombone) all featured at the show, led by the BBC Concert Orchestra.

"No other living composer has done more to preserve the orchestra's starring role in the movies," said presenter Katie Derham.

Williams has won five Oscars for his work on films like Schindler's List.

He is also the Academy's most-nominated composer and second most-nominated individual of all time, after Walt Disney.

The 85-year-old was unable to attend the Prom, but sent a message of gratitude to the audience.

"I send my fond regards to everyone gathered in the Royal Albert Hall, along with my best wishes for a joyous evening of music."


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Harrison Ford salutes John Williams

At the 44th Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute to John Williams, Harrison Ford salutes the composer and talks about the "Raider's March" theme from the INDIANA JONES films. The Tribute took place at the Dolby Theatre on June 9, 2016 in Hollywood, California.