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Alex Vojacek

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Jurassic World came very close to the original in many aspects but somehow Jurassic Park is still the best... it combined so many aspects so well that it's an impressive feat. Part adventure, part sci fi and even in place, very much alien-like... Jurassic Park is still the best of them all but Jurassic World somehow elevated my expectations and is the second best. All the others are horrible in comparison.


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No contest. Jurassic Park is still the best. When I took my wife to see it, we had to stand in line for about 90 minutes to get a ticket. The theater manager came out and told us all about their brand new sound system installed just for JP, DTS I think it was. It was impressive for back then. The graphics are dated now the but the story is still the best. Jurassic World was entertaining but it was missing the magic, the wonder, of the original; and I wasn't completely happy with the casting.


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Jurassic World was terrible, it doesn't come close to the first one. Whats with the MacGyver dino, seriously.
Anyway, I would still love a real adaptation of the book.

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Jurassic Park
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Fans will have a chance to see Jurassic Park in one of the over 500 theaters that will be participating in the event. Screenings will include a 17-minute remake of the film created by fans worldwide. Tickets for “Jurassic Park” can be purchased at or at any participating theater.


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Jurassic World wasn't a patch on Jurassic Park! I still can't believe the dislike that the third film gets as I would put that one in second place after Jurassic Park and before The Lost world!

Doctor Omega

I still can't believe the dislike that the third film gets as I would put that one in second place after Jurassic Park and before The Lost world!

I totally agree JB. I felt JPIII at least cracked on with the story. Just got on with it, with no slow rollercoaster ride build up, which I think was THE LOST WORLD's mistake.

I went to see the first movie on the big screen again today - and strangely came away certain for the first time that the actual best and most committed performance in it (out of a very competent cast) was given by Bob "Clever girl!" Peck, due, I think, to his intensity, with absolutely zero quips or lighthearted moments from him.

Muldoon truly believes these things are deadly dangerous, whereas other characters still have time for a lighthearted Spielberg moment or quip here or there, despite their perilous circumstances.

He doesn't, of course - and his conviction makes the audience, I think, more fearful of these beasts. So I now think he was an extremely important element in making this film a successful mix, although I never really appreciated his contribution until now.
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