Review Land Of The Giants (1968)


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Far and away the best Irwin Allen show IMO. Though like his others it deteriorated towards the end of its run. The first season was very good. No magic FX , but amazing sets, giant tables and telephones and doors and of course safety pins to get the illusion of the little people lost in this giant world. Kevin Hagen as Inspector Kobick was very good too and unfortunately used sparingly in season two which ended up with some real shockers such as the journey to the other side of the planet to encounter a race of little people living in ignorance of the giants on the other hemisphere! Worth watching season 1 at least.


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For some reason I never really got into Land of the Giants. Strange because what I have seen of it seems pretty good. Whatever time it was on during repeats during my younger years must have clashed with something more important to me.

Doctor Omega

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Land of the Giants, promo film (1967)

Early promo film for Irwin Allen's "Land of the Giants" TV series (1968-1970). Made before the pilot episode was filmed (in 1967). The last bit is hosted by cast member Don Matheson. No live footage from the series, just rough concept drawings (note the Jupiter II style ship as the Spindrift was not yet designed). Allen used these big illustrations to pitch his shows to the network executives. Interesting to see how the show developed and changed from these sketches. Brainy PhD "Joan Templeton" was changed to the not-so-brainy Ginger-like party girl "Valerie Scott" played by lovely redhead Deanna Lund. The "Fitzhugh" character was also originally named Peter Lingerhopper. Also a nice montage of film clips that highlight Allen's TV career with Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, and The Time Tunnel.