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Night Gallery is an American anthology series that aired on NBC from 1969 to 1973, featuring stories of horror and the macabre. Rod Serling, who had gained fame from an earlier series, The Twilight Zone, served both as the on-air host of Night Gallery and as a major contributor of scripts, although he did not have the same control of content and tone as he had on The Twilight Zone.[3][2] Serling viewed Night Gallery as a logical extension of The Twilight Zone, but while both series shared an interest in thought-provoking dark fantasy, more of Zone's offerings were science fiction while Night Gallery focused on horrors of the supernatural.

On to the modern revival.....

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I just started watching the second season on Yahoo! Entertainment, and I like it better than T-zone. Not all the episodes are great, but it seems they're more diverse than the Twilight Zone.

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Syfy Planning “Night Gallery” Revival


Syfy is officially moving forward on a revival of Rod Serling’s iconic 1970s sci-fi anthology series “Night Gallery” and have set “Teen Wolf” showrunner Jeff Davis to executive produce.

The original series was Serling’s follow up to his acclaimed anthology series “The Twilight Zone” but focused less on horror and more on science-fiction themed stories.

The modern re-imagining sounds more akin to “Black Mirror” with darkly ironic and twisted tales regarding the digital age.

Serling would guide viewers around a gallery introducing pieces that would then lead into the macabre stories. Steven Spielberg made his directing debut on one episode.

Davis and David Janollari (“Midnight, Texas”) will executive produce while Universal Television and Universal Cable Productions will produce the revival.

A revival of “The Twilight Zone” is currently in development for CBS All Access.

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Looks like this supposed revival has fizzled out - for the moment......