Review Psycho III (1986)

Doctor Omega

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I really like this one and am not sure if I prefer this or number two out of all the sequels.

Perkins certainly brings his own directorial style to the project, such as the shaft of light that turns into a knife etc. And Diane Scarwid gives an excellent performance as Maureen.

Doctor Omega

Member: Rank 10
Psycho III (1986) Original Soundtrack by Carter Burwell

A1 Scream Of Love (Theme Song) 0:00
A2 Maureen In The Desert 3:46
A3 Dirty Street 5:43
A4 Before And After Shower 9:21
A5 Warm As A Cry For Help 13:00
B1 Sisters / Catherine Mary 15:22
B2 Mother? 19:39
B3 Bad Boys And Body Bags 22:25
B4 Revenge Of A Thankless Child 26:20
B5 Electroshock Waiting Room 29:09