Review Robin Hood (1953)

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Robin Hood is a six-episode television series starring Patrick Troughton as Robin Hood and Wensley Pithey as Friar Tuck. It was written by Max Kester, and produced and directed by Joy Harington for the BBC. The 30 minute episodes were transmitted live, and only eight minutes from the second episode, The Abbot of St. Mary's, exists (as a 16mm telerecording). Short clips of this material appeared in 2007 documentary, presented by Jonathan Ross, covering Robin Hood from its beginnings to the more recent BBC production (2006), and were also shown as an example of television production in the BBC documentary series Children's T.V. On Trial The 1950s.

  1. Gathering the Band (17 March 1953)
  2. The Abbot Of St. Mary's (23 March 1953)
  3. Who is Robin? (31 March 1953)
  4. The Silver Arrow (7 April 1953)
  5. A King Comes To Greenwood (14 April 1953)
  6. The Secret (21 April 1953)