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I like R.L. I really do, despite being a soccer fan. It's a fast game, lots of honest endeavour and some nice skillful play. It's rarely dull, and after watching for about four years now I'm a sort of St Helens fan.
But being relatively new to the sport I can appreciate any good team and I was disappointed that Warrington didn't win Super League the season before last, they deserved to but choked in the final.

I suppose the infectious enthusiasm of Eddie Hemmings and Mike " stevo" Stevenson got me interested, their commentaries on Sky were great.

The game though just cannot break through publicity wise. Very few newspapers bother with it other than a couple of inches. Sky paying astronomical amounts of money for football has hit Rugby League hard, most of Sky's magazine type shows on RL have been scrapped or are online only. It's a shame.

The RL World Cup going on now is the usual mix of some good play but with one sided matches played in half empty stadia.

Too many teams making up numbers, but New Zealand exiting was a shock, and we should see England and Australia in the final. If England win will we see a parade in the streets? , a reception at Downing Street? Probably not. We did with Rugby Union of course, a game I consider dull compared to League.

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