How Authentic a Trek Show is This?

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  • Have these guys even watched the original series?

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Telling it like it is........

Pointing out just what a mess STAR TREK is in at the moment.......

How the fuck can those pieces of shit responsible for whatever the fuck ST:D is supposed to be possibly think it belongs in the STAR TREK franchise?

And the first thing I'd do is I'd beam that arrogant, ignorant bitch off my starship to join Vargas...


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Star Trek like Doctor Who is rubbish these days!
At this stage in the proceedings, I find it difficult to care any more.

I'm just grateful that I know how good all these various films and TV franchises once were.

I'm also grateful for my massive DVD collection. :emoji_wink:

Doctor Omega

Yes, if there's one thing the current p.c., woke nightmare can be thanked for, it is that I am finally getting to watch DS9 (Worf just joined the crew) and various other films and shows that I never had the chance to watch before.

It stuns me that we are expected to somehow relate to and look on that entitled brat captain while chuckling at the Tribble killed crew member and his horrifying death as something he deserved. The sanity, humanity and kindness of the TNG extracts alongside it really brought it home I thought.

If this kind of entertainment (cold hearted captains mocking - suspiciously white male - crewmembers with slightly awkward personalities) is a phase, then the sooner it ends, the better.

Equally, if this is the face of entertainment for now and always, then God help us!

But if this is going to be forever I will just watch all my collection all over again - and again - and again.. :emoji_robot:
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