News Star Trek: Picard (2019)


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This might be good. It might be bad.

But I just instinctively can't be arsed with it and would rather go and put on an episode of TNG instead.

That might be my loss, but it is honestly how I feel.
We will not see the man we loved from before, because these twats don't have the skills, talent or knowledge needed to do that character justice by taking the time and effort to write him properly.

So they'll just throw any old shit at the wall and see what sticks. Rather like a cage full of chimpanzees with typewriters at the local zoo.

Just don't expect to see the works of William Shakespeare any time soon.


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It is not without its charm or possibilities...

However, considering the era in which we live, I shall resist the urge to expect or hope for too much.

I don't mean to sound gloomy or negative, but I've danced this dance before.

Doctor Omega

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