Review Starring Boris Karloff (1949)

Doctor Omega

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Starring Boris Karloff is an American radio and television anthology series broadcast for 13 weeks, September–December 1949, on the ABC Television network. Boris Karloff was the host and occasional star, with music by organist George Henninger. Produced and directed by Charles Warburton, the series adapted short stories of mystery and suspense.

Starring Boris Karloff aired as an ABC Radio series on Wednesday nights, September 21–December 14, 1949. Then, in a practice that was then becoming prevalent, the radio show was doubled on television, broadcast Thursday nights (September 22–December 15) on ABC-TV. The same script was used for both programs, but was adapted for each medium.

Beginning with the October 27 broadcast, the title of the series was changed to Mystery Playhouse Starring Boris Karloff. :710 The 30-minute program was also known as Boris Karloff Presents[4] and Presenting Boris Karloff.