Review Terminator Genisys (2015)


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It was actually quite interesting up until they jumped to 2017. After that, it quickly descended into a standard yawn fest of action and stupidity (and what a waste of the brilliant JK Simmons). The alternative history was a unique take that I thought was fun and even made some sense (if you ignore the reason a terminator was sent to 1973). Skynet succeeding in some timelines but failing in others was a nice idea worth exploring too but again, once the movie moved to the future, it lost any cohesiveness.

It's a shame they lost that thread and decided to throw gibberish explosions at the screen instead because I was enjoying those themes and ideas.

The trailer revealing Connor was a terminator (and a bad guy) was annoying as hell though and utterly moronic. And the less said about the terrible Jai Courtney, the better. Why on earth people keep putting that bunch of right angles with eyes in movies is beyond me.


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Started of well, but then the time jumps just ruined it for me. Making John Connor the villain, sacrilege. We are now in 2017 and Kyle has not been born yet. Threw the mythology out the window. Since Terminator 3, fans have given the franchise a hard time. However, I did like 3 and 4.

Doesn't Cameron have form for praising the sequels prior to release, then knocking them at a later date?

Probably did not help that I saw the original in the cinema a few weeks previous. The first time I saw it on the big screen since its initial release. Now that is still a fantastic piece of cinema.
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