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A waste of time, effort and money.

THE TERMINATOR franchise should have ended after the original trilogy. But that's Hollywood for you - they just don't know when to quit.


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I like this addition to the franchise. Thought it fit in well with the timeline. Nice little back story to the Reese and Connor. There a couple of particularly nice touches; Marcus teaching young Reese how to secure the shotgun with a strap around his arm (something we see adult Reese do in The Terminator). The intercepted Skynet kill list:
General Ashdown, You're number two on the list.
John Connor, Who's number one?
General Ashdown, Some Kid, Kyle...Reese.

There have been numerous complaints regarding some of the technology on display in the various sequels. However, surely each incursion into the past impacts on technological development.
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Bale Talks “Terminator Salvation” Regrets


When it comes to arguing over what is the nadir of the “Terminator” franchise, McG’s “Terminator Salvation” seemed to be the clear front-runner until the release of the just as (if not more) woeful “Terminator Genisys”.

One of the few shining lights of ‘Salvation’ though was Christian Bale who gave his usual all in his performance of John Connor. Chatting with Happy Sad Confusedrecently, the actor got candid about why he joined the project and how things went off the rails:

“I said no three times. I thought that the franchise… I went ‘Nah, there’s no story there.’ I’d seen the first one and enjoyed that back in England, I’d been to the movies and seen the second one.

It was an unfortunate series of events involving the writers’ strike, involving Jonah Nolan, who was able to come on, and really start to write a wonderful script, but then got called away for a prior commitment that he had.

And it’s a great thorn in my side because I wish we could have reinvigorated [the franchise]. And unfortunately, during production, you could tell that wasn’t happening. It’s a great shame.

There’s a perverse side to me, where people were telling me that, there’s no way on God’s Earth that I should take that role, and I was thinking the same thing. But when people started verbalizing that to me, I started to go, ‘Oh really? All right, well watch this then.’ So there was a little bit of that involved in the choice.”

Bale also talked about the infamous moment in which he went on a verbal tirade against the director of photography Shane Hurlbut who walked into a shot during a take. Audio of the on-set rant leaked out and promptly went viral. Bale doesn’t look back fondly on that:

“That was a very unusual occasion. Great learning lesson for me. Do you remember that scene with Linda Hamilton where she’s really going nuts in ‘Terminator 2’? We said, we’ve got to channel that at some point in the film, and that was the scene in which we were channelling it. Great lesson for me of, no matter how much you lose yourself in a scene, you do not allow yourself to behave that way. And yeah, of course, I’ve got enormous regrets about it.”

Bale’s current film is “Hostiles” which is now in cinemas.