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Hi Nick - it's been a month or so but you still haven't told us where this is! Please tell more - it's fascinating. Or - if you don't - very frustrating!
Carol, sorry for the vagueness. Over the years, I've come to the conclusion that local history is mostly interesting to the locals only, lol, but I'd be more than happy to be more specific.

To be exact, there are three stones in close proximity of each other in "my" area. Two of them were discovered way back in the 1600s, while the third one (my favourite) was discovered as late as 1972. It was found randomly when they decided to build a number of modern 7-floor apartments in what was basically a forested farm area.

These carved stones, called runestones, were a type of memorial "monoliths" that often were meant to honour someone who had recently passed away. They date back to the Viking Age in the 1000s; the Viking culture and history has always been ingrained in the identity of the region. I remember hearing in school that the ocean actually was much closer to my area than it is now, and that they would go on trips to Russia and the Caspian Sea among other places.

It would be cool to actually descend from the Vikings, but my own family tree doesn't trace back beyond the 18th century so it's impossible to know for sure.

Here is more information about my beloved runestones (Wikipedia makes it really convenient for me, as the article is packed with information and includes pictures). What I like the most is that they aren't gathering dust in any museums. They are just "one with the nature" like any other tree, bush, rock or grass.


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It would be cool to actually descend from the Vikings, but my own family tree doesn't trace back beyond the 18th century so it's impossible to know for sure.
That's wonderful - they are beautiful - thanks you so much for the extra details. And the Viking thing - as a Yorkshire woman I'd be very surprised (and horrified) if my DNA were tested and didn't come back with a healthy contribution from ancestral Norse "guests"! I can't wait to get home for the summer and go to York to see the reopened Jorvik museum (badly flooded a few years back).


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My cousin has a file with the line of our family (Leland) since 1620 (I think), when John Leland, a tailor, came over from England. I would love to find out where he shipped out from, and eventually, when I get over there, dig through the books and records and continue tracing from there. No one seems to actually know if the Leland/Leyland family is descended from the McLellan clan or another group, so I would like to dig in and find out more.

Yes. I am a nerd.

Another cool historical place I've been to is the Effigy Mounds in northeastern Iowa. They were Native American burial mounds that are several centuries old. being part Native, I find that stuff very cool. Alas, not Native enough to claim on anything official, or to take away my pasty white northern European complexion.

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The hubby and I climbed all over a Mayan ruin when we were in Belize. It was fascinating and wonderful. When we got to the top, you could see all over the area and the tops of any number of other Mayan temples.

I bought one of their hand-carved and painted calendars and have it hanging on a wall. That's how I knew the world wasn't going to end in 2000. Go Historians and Archeologists and boo all the channels that used only part of the historical evidence uncovered by professionals to justify the "Year 2000 is the End Myths"! The History Channel is an advertising mecca that long ago stopped using actual history and replaced it with "entertaining" half truths to increase it's number of viewers.

And all that from a Wacky Norwegian who believes in virtually everything that has not been certifiably disproved !

:emoji_kiss: :emoji_dancer: and for all believers near and far...... :emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers:


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I don't think that's a nerd thing at all - well done your ancestors for keeping track. Hope you have a chance to come over and root around for bonus facts some time!
I've just always loved history, and particularly learning about where I came from. I've talked to others who have no interest whatsoever in learning about their past, which to me seems strange. Like, to each their own, but for me, it's fascinating to learn more about my own family. Someday, I'ma make it over there...

Actually, my mate who's an expat is heading back over this fall for a visit. He already has me jealous because he says his first stop after getting off of the plane is to get a proper helping of fish and chips from a chip shop. I'd kill to be there for that!


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He already has me jealous
Take that with a pinch of salt my friend - and I don't mean his good noshing intentions - but the likelihood of a decent chip-shop within a hungry man's radius of a transAtlantic flight is doubtful.
If - BIG IF - your pal is flying to a non-London airport the chances are better; north (haddock) rather than south (measly cod) of course. Clearly, I need more details before committing fully to a proper response to this - the boy's heart is clearly in the right place - but Harry Ramsden has a branch in Singapore these days, so we have to be on full alert! Britain is - apparently - reeling, and the Wrong Chipshop Decision could be very disturbing.