Review The Living Daylights (1987)

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My favourite of the two Daltons.

It still had a flavouring of the Roger Moore lightness, which makes me prefer it to the, imo, too dark "Licence to Kill".


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I like this entry. Would have like to have seen Dalton (my favourite Bond) carry the franchise for more than just two movies (although Licence To Kill is my favourite). After the parody that Bond had previously become, I was more than ready for Dalton's serious (some would say dour) take on Bond. Enjoyed this outing (and the next) was keen for more. Unfortunately, the future fortunes of Bond would see Dalton ruling himself out before the cameras were to roll some 6 or 7 years after Licence to Kill.


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For me, Timothy Dalton is still the most accurate film version of James Bond.

THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS is good, but a bit on the light side for me. LICENCE TO KILL is perfect - and is still my favourite 007 film.

It is very close to the spirit of the novels - and almost as dark.
Maybe that's why I'm not as keen on the novels? I liked Dalton's performance in The Living Daylights but, for me, Licence to Kill went too far and was just too dark and depressing.

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I don't think we was robbed!

They reworked the first demo into a different song entirely, so were able to salvage something from the attempt.......

Pet Shop Boys-This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave