Fun The Official "Mad Monster for President!" Thread!


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My name is Mad Monster Party and until February 20th 2017 I am The Sandbox Chief Commissioner.

I am also a Presidential Candidate in the Next Election!!!!
I hope everything goes well here!!!

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Hi. I used to be a sandbox regular a long time ago. Back in 2006. Was there for a couple of years.

Good to meet you!!!

I can't remember when I used to start posting on the Sandbox, maybe around that same time (2006), but anyways it's always good to meet people from the Sandbox!:)


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Where do you stand on the big issues, MMP, if that is your real name? Dark chocolate, yay or nay? Should FIREFLY be brought back? Would you pardon Jar Jar Binks or allow him to rot in prison for his crimes? Could insurance finally cover the cost for a sex swing? I demand to know what you will do for us, the little people!


Sandbox Chief Commissioner
1. Dark Chocolate is good!
2. Bring Firefly back on Netflix. They already tried Fox once and it didn't work. But it might on Netflix.
3. I'd probably leave Jar Jar in jail until this current crop of Star Wars movies is over. We can't trust him with all these new movies coming out. But after that I would consider it.
4. My insurance policy plan could probably cover that.h

Thanks for the questions!:emoji_relaxed: