Review The Terminator (1984)


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An unquestionable classic of modern cinema (can I say that about a 33 year old movie?).

It was the first in the franchise, and I still look on this as the best. Cameron's best effort, in my opinion. Great atmospheric vision of the future (obvious influence of The Outer Limits episode Soldier here). Love Brad Fiedel's instrumental soundtrack. The songs were an interesting capsulation of various sequencies from the movie; Girl In The Photograph, Burnin' In The Third Degree etc. As I stated in a previous post, James Cameron and Stan Winston produced some pretty fantastic effects given the budget.

Would love to see an extended cut including such deleted scenes as Sarah try to convince Kyle to attack Cyberdyne Systems, the suits from the company discovering the micro chip and the revelation as to where the final showdown takes place. Although there is a fan edit out there somewhere.
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A perfect (closed loop) time travel film.

They unfortunately had to open the loop for the sequel though I suppose you could argue (given what they did with genesis) that the second film was a different reality.