Review Till Death Us Do Part '65-'75


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What can you say about this?!
Legendary performance from Warren Mitchell as loud mouth racist Alf Garnett, also a great performance from.Anthony Booth,Cherie Booth's father (Tony Blair's wife).

Doctor Omega

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Censored clip found in Australia.......

DISCOVERY/RECOVERY 452 - Censor Clips – various series and episodes, extracts only.

Recovered from the National Archives of Australia (NAA), the second batch of sequences cut from BBC and ITV film prints in the 1960s/1970s. A mixture of brief and longer clips of material deemed unsuitable for Australian audiences.

Benbow Was His Name tx: 7.5.1964 BBC
Champion House – The Second Freedom tx: 11.6.1967 BBC
Champion House – Before a Fall tx: 24.9.1967 BBC
Champion House – Don’t Let Your Right Hand tx: 2.5.1968 BBC
Champion House – The Golden Fleece tx: 23.5.1968 BBC
Comedy Playhouse – Thankyou Sir, Thankyou Madam tx: 31.5.1968 BBC
The Likely Lads – Anchors Aweigh tx: 9.7.1966 BBC
Dusty - Episode 5 tx: 15.9.1966 BBC
On The Margin – Episode 5 tx: 7.12.1966 BBC
Till Death Us Do Part – Sex Before Marriage tx: 2.1.1967 BBC
World of the Beachcomber – Episode 13 tx: 22.4.1968 BBC
Z Cars – Not a Bad Lad Really tx: 14.4.1969 BBC
Z Cars – Double Game tx: 9.6.1969 BBC
Playhouse – The Kindness of Mrs Radcliffe 23.9.1968 Thames
Intrigue tx: 1966 ABC
Premiere – Night of the Talavera tx: 9.10.1968 Thames
The Queen St Gang – Bringing Home the Bacon 22.8.1968 Rediffusion
The Rat Catchers – The Umbrella tx: 16.3.1966 Rediffusion
The Rat Catchers – Rendezvous Vienna tx : 8.12.1966 Rediffusion
The Rat Catchers – Heel of Achilles tx: 23.2.1967 Rediffusion
The Sex Game – Return Match tx: 20.11.1968 Thames