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Doctor Omega

The real Jack Dawson? Man suing James Cameron for stealing his life story for Titanic


A Florida man is suing Titanic director James Cameron for basing the character of Jack Dawson, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, on his life.

Stephen Cummings claims he's the inspiration behind the tale of doomed love aboard the ill-fated liner and he wants $300 million plus one per cent of royalties.

According to TMZ he used to work in the yacht industry and says the film director heard about him and events that happened in his life in 1988 and 1989 in Brevard County through the grapevine.

He also claims that the doomed love story between Jack and Rose in the film was not based on historic fact but was based on stories he told his mates about relatives of his who were aboard Titanic.

The wife survived the disaster while the husband did not which is how it played out for Jack and Rose (and possibly hundreds of other unfortunate couples among the 1517 who died).



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You know when a movie has passed into permanent pop culture when your 11yo (who has never seen the movie) says to your 8yo standing on a rock next to the ocean "put your arms out and say 'I'm the king of the world'"

Doctor Omega

Drain The Titanic: Future Of The Wreck TimeLapses

Timelapses of the future of the wreck, 50 years from now. The way this happens is accurate for wrecks of this size. The decks collapse and flat pack on top of each other, causing the sides to peel off, leaving the front of the bow as it is the most structurally sound.


Doctor Omega

Titanic Text Messges - A Streaming Log of Distress Transmissions

I've taken all the Morse code communications I could find from the night of the Titanic disaster and turned it into streaming text. It's painfully slow by today's standards of communications as it presents at about the speed the transmissions were made that night. I've removed the "dead air" time cutting the total time from about two hours to one.
Morse code abbreviations have been included in the audio but the text is in English, for example the ship's ID code "MGY" will be heard but "TITANIC" will be read. "OM" will be heard but "OLD MAN" (meaning "buddy" or "friend") will be in the text.
I've left the code "CQD" as it's very prominent and important. This was the common international distress signal at the time and stood for "ATTENTION ALL STATIONS" (CQ) "DISTRESS" (D). Titanic was not the first to transmit an SOS but she used it also. They primarily used CQD because that was the most recognized distress signal of the time.
The log starts as the Titanic is transmitting personal telegrams for customers which are interrupted by the distress signal. It continues until the last message is transmitted. I've tried to make it as historically accurate as possible but I'm not a historian, just a Joe.


The Seeker

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The movie goes by fast but isn’t exceptional filmmaking, story or characterwise. Of course the sets and CGI are wonderful, as are the costumes. Therefore I find it puzzling that Chicago Tribune Michael Phillips could give Titanic four stars but Bohemian Rhapsody two, and further list movies to see instead of Bohemian Rhapsody, that’s how much disdain he has for it.