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Kilmer Confirmed For “Top Gun 2” Return


Val Kilmer is reportedly set to return as Maverick’s rival Tom ‘Iceman’ Kazansky in the upcoming “Top Gun” sequel at Paramount Pictures reports The Wrap. The confirmation follows on from social media reports that Kilmer in recent days has been spotted around the set of the production.

A follow-up to Tony Scott’s 1986 hit, Tom Cruise returns to the role of United States Naval Aviator Lieutenant Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell. The film is expected to deal with the rise of unmanned drones and how pilots are being rendered obsolete.

Joseph Kosinski helms the sequel, with Peter Craig, Justin Marks and Eric Warren Singer penning the script. The film opens July 12th 2019.

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Hoult, Powell, Teller Up For “Top Gun 2”


Nicholas Hoult, Glen Powell and Miles Teller have all emerged as the frontrunners for a key role in the “Top Gun” sequel at Paramount Pictures.

Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer reprise their roles in the follow-up to the iconic 1980s film with the pair once again playing Maverick and Iceman respectively, though the latter is expected to only make a short appearance.

The young actors though are up for the role of the son of Maverick’s former wingman and best pal Goose (Anthony Edwards) and his wife (Meg Ryan). Goose served as the emotional heart of the first film with the character killed in an accident for which Maverick blames himself.

The group beat out the likes of Dylan O’Brien and Austin Butler who were amongst several others up for the role. The final round of testing reportedly took place earlier this week in Florida.

“Oblivion” helmer Joseph Kosinski is directing the film which is currently in production.

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Six More Join The “Top Gun” Sequel

Thomasin McKenzie (“Leave No Trace”), Charles Parnell (“A Million Little Pieces”), Jay Ellis (“Insecure”), Bashir Salahuddin (“GLOW”), Danny Ramirez (“Assassination Nation”), and Monica Barbaro (“The Good Cop”) are all set to join the cast of the “Top Gun” sequel at Paramount Pictures.

Joseph Kosinski helms the new film which already stars Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Glen Powell, Jennifer Connelly and Miles Teller. The new film’s story is set in the present and Maverick follows fighter pilots as they grapple with drone tech that is making their old style of flying obsolete.

McKenzie will play the daughter of Connelly’s character. Parnell is an admiral; Ellis, Barbaro and Ramirez will play pilots; and Salahuddin is an engineer.

Peter Craig, Justin Marks and Eric Warren Singer penned the script for the new “Top Gun” which is slated for release on July 12th 2019. Cruise, David Ellison and Jerry Bruckheimer are producing.

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Hamm, Harris & Pullman Join “Top Gun” Sequel

Jon Hamm, Ed Harris and Lewis Pullman have all joined the cast of “Top Gun: Maverick,” the upcoming sequel to the iconic 1986 film currently in the works at Paramount Pictures.

In the new film Tom Cruise’s Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell is now an instructor at the Top Gun school and taking Teller under his wing in a new age where fighter pilots are being rendered obsolete by drones.

Charles Parnell, Jay Ellis, Bashir Salahuddin, Danny Ramirez and Monica Barbaro joined the cast yesterday, while Thomasin McKenzie who was cast has now had to exit the project due to scheduling issues.

Val Kilmer, Glen Powell, Jennifer Connelly and Miles Teller co-star in the film which Joseph Kosinski is directing and Jerry Bruckheimer is producing. The project is currently in production ahead of a July 12th 2019 release.

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Paramount Pictures has announced a new release slate with the big news being it has pushed back its highly anticipated action sequel “Top Gun: Maverick” by a full year – from July 12th 2019 to June 26th 2020.

The extended time will reportedly allow the production to work out all the complicated and incredible flight sequences for the film which would’ve been rushed to meet its old date and will be shooting throughout the rest of this year.

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Manny Jacinto Joins “Top Gun: Maverick”


“The Good Place” and “Bad Times at the El Royale” actor Manny Jacinto has joined the cast of “Top Gun: Maverick” at Paramount Pictures.

Jacinto plays a pilot named Fritz in the follow-up to the Tom Cruise-led 1986 hit about Navy pilots which sees original stars Cruise and Val Kilmer return alongside actors Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris, Jon Hamm, Monica Barbaro, Miles Teller, and Glen Powell.

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McQuarrie Tweaking “Top Gun 2” Script


After numerous collaborations together, it comes as little surprise that writer-director Christopher McQuarrie will once again team with Tom Cruise for the upcoming “Top Gun” sequel.

Cruise has confirmed in a new interview with Empire that McQuarrie will be doing some script polishing work on the follow-up to the 1986 action feature which Cruise’s “Oblivion” director Joseph Kosinski is helming.

The scenario here is similar to what happened with both “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” and “Edge of Tomorrow” where McQuarrie was brought in to do some polishing work on the script right before and during production.

Peter Craig, Justin Marks and Eric Warren Singer are expected to remain the credited screenwriters on “Top Gun 2” which also stars Val Kilmer, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, Jon Hamm, Ed Harris, Glen Powell, Manny Jacinto, Lewis Pullman, and Thomasin McKenzie.

Filming is currently underway for a June 26th 2020 release.

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Cruise Flying Air Force Jets For Top Gun 2″


Not long ago came word that the release of “Top Gun 2: Maverick” was being delayed almost a year, though why wasn’t really clear beyond the obvious advantage move to an early Summer 2020 bow.

Now The Sun is reporting that the film’s star Tom Cruise is partly responsible, saying that he has put the filming of “Top Gun 2: Maverick” on hold so that he can learn to fly a fighter jet – making him the first actor in cinematic history to truly fly a fighter jet on the big screen.

A source for the paper says: “Tom is well known for doing his own stunts and the Top Gun sequel is no different… He prides himself on making the action sequences as realistic as possible… He won’t film all the flight sequences, it’s too dangerous, but he will fly some, making him the first actor in cinema history to do so.”

“Top Gun 2” has been filming around the Los Angeles and San Diego areas for the last few months.

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U.S. Navy Defends Tom Cruise From Attacks


Officials for the U.S. Navy have stepped up to shoot down attacks on Tom Cruise’s interpersonal conduct. Production on “Top Gun: Maverick” has been underway with the team having reportedly filmed some scenes aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt in San Diego.

Shortly after a media report originating from Reddit began to spread and quotes sources who suggested Cruise’s behavior was seen by at least one of the sailors as ‘very arrogant’.

Then last week NBC San Diego spoke with a service member who told them Cruise “angered USS Theodore crew while filming”. However, an official has stepped in to defend Cruise and tells the outlet the accusations are unfounded:

“Tom Cruise and the cast were nothing but gracious and professional during filming to all of the sailors. Some sailors may have misinterpreted guidance from the Navy that told sailors to not approach actors while filming and not use cell phones on the set.”

In addition, Navy escorts who accompanied Cruise through filming disputed that account: “At no time did Tom Cruise say to a sailor, ‘Do not look at me. Do not touch me.'” Cruise also reportedly personally thanked the crew for their support of the film.

Joseph Kosinski helms the new film which is currently scheduled for release on June 26th 2020.


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The original was an entertaining summer blockbuster that I enjoyed. Hopefully the sequel will be in a similar vein.

Certainly, for me, the most memorable aspect of the original appears to be present in the follow-up to some degree...

The music.

PS - As for timing, if they were going to do this, it should've been done about 20 years ago.

However, Hollywood seems to be getting steadily more desperate and they long ago ran out of original ideas.

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“Top Gun” Editor Returning For “Maverick”

Film editor Chris Lebenzon, who earned his first Oscar nomination for 1986’s “Top Gun,” will return for the upcoming sequel “Top Gun: Maverick” at Paramount and Skydance.

Lebenzon and Billy Weber co-edited the Tony Scott-directed original and their collaboration effectively gave birth to what would be known as ‘MTV-style editing’ in films. The original also scored Oscar nominations for sound, sound effects editing, and won one for the song “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin.
Joseph Kosinski is directing the new movie which sees Tom Cruise reprising his role as hotshot pilot Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell. Jerry Bruckheimer returns as producer.
Lebenzon earned a second Oscar nomination for 1995 submarine thriller “Crimson Tide” and has basically been both the late Tony Scott and Tim Burton’s go-to editor for most of their films (from “Top Gun” and “Batman Returns” onwards respectively) along with the likes of “Weird Science,” “Midnight Run,” “Hudson Hawk,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Con Air,” “Gone in 60 Seconds,” “Pearl Harbor,” “XXX” and “Maleficent”.
Paramount Pictures will release “Top Gun: Maverick” on June 26th.