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Doctor Omega

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From Action Figures to board games, via iron on transfers and t-shirt, taking in jigsaw puzzles along the way and all the other bric-a-brac.....

What items do you fondly remember?

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Doctor Omega

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Not quite a board game, but I loved it as a kid, back in the day.

Put all the plastic straws in the plastic tower that swivelled round.

Put all of the marbles in the top, the straws stopping them falling down.

Take turns pulling the straws out.

And don't lose your marbles.

Now I can't think what the magic was...

But it was!

Doctor Omega

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It was a huge box too.

You had to swivel the centre console/column, which made the Daleks move.

If they touched your cardboard player (which to my mind was always either William Russell or Roy Castle as Ian Chesterton) Then you had to go back to the start.



When you got your player to the centre you lifted the console out and the cardboard inserts fell out to form an explosion, like so......



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Chess, because, well, nerd.

Again, nerd.

Yup. I played Trivial Pursuit. And was good. I have two versions of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit and two versions of Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit. I also have two versions of SW Monopoly, and Lord of the Rings Risk. Because, well, yeah. This is the year I finally get Doctor Who Monopoly and Harry Potter Monopoly.


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Used to have a cool board game as a kid, Take The Brain. A bit like chess, the object being to take the opponent's The Brain piece. Each player had a row of Ninnies and Numbskulls, the latter ranked higher and could move more squares than Ninnies. The twist was the direction of movement was dictated by arrows on the squares of the board itself. Great fun, and I believe the original games sell online for quite a price.
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Doctor Omega

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I used to have this chap.... MUTON....

You could pull his rubber transparent head off to reveal the kidney shaped and multicoloured brain inside.

And he had that bizarre rubber thing on his right hand. Bit odd really.

I never got his arch enemy, the heroic CYBORG, so he was a bit of a villain without a cause really. :emoji_confused:

Doctor Omega

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I remember one dreadful incident - that I have, perhaps, never fully recovered from - where, during a battle with my superteam, THE CRUSADERS (comprising of Captain Limbo (Action man), Friar Tuck, Sub-Mariner (Spock undressed), Marvel's The Thing and Captain Peg Leg (more on him later) and probably one or two other painfully mix-matched characters, Muton somehow came up against a slime creature, which was actually a tub of SLIME WITH WORMS. The craze of the times.....

"IT'S GOOEY, DRIPPY, OOZEY, COLD 'N CLAMMY" Mattel created SLIME in the mid-1970's. It came sealed in it's trademark green trash can. It's distinctive scent was that of burning rubber, fresh earth, motor oil and banana. "IN SEARCH OF...", with Leonard Nimoy as narrator, was a popular television show at the height of SLIME popularity. This video shows an unbelievably rare, unopened, vintage MATTEL SLIME from 1978, with real MATTEL SLIME covering the can. Video: Brian La Fountain

Well, my assumption was that Muton would be able to take this amorphous blob thing in his stride, even when it encased him. but I had not allowed for what I remember as tiny holes in his chest. It was a toy! Why the hell did it need breathing holes in it's chest??

Before you could say "Maybe I should have asked for a Planet of the Apes figure instead", the slime had got into these holes and muton had slime residue inside him for the duration of his lifetime as my toy.

As for what happened to him or indeed his arch enemies, THE CRUSADERS, I have no idea. Perhaps they all got fed up of the stupidly far fetched plots I was putting them through and escaped one night. :emoji_disappointed: