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Brendan Fraser To Seek FX’s “Trust”


Former “The Mummy” franchise star Brendan Fraser has been cast in FX’s anthology series “Trust”.

The “Slumdog Millionaire” team of Danny Boyle, Simon Beaufoy and Christian Colson are behind the ten-episode series with the first season telling the story of John Paul Getty III (Harris Dickinson), heir to the Getty oil fortune.

Set in 1973, the young Getty is kidnapped in Rome and his mafia captors are banking on a multi-million dollar ransom. The series is described as being equal parts family history, dynastic saga and examination of the corrosive power of money.

Fraser will play patriarch J. Paul Getty’s private investigator, James Fletcher Chace, an eccentric Texan master fixer. Donald Sutherland and Hilary Swank also star.

Fraser is also a series regular on AT&T Audience Network’s series “Condor” which he’s currently filming in Toronto.

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FX’s “Trust” Trailer: A Different “All the Money”


One of the big reasons Ridley Scott wanted to get his John Paul Getty kidnap story “All the Money in the World” out in cinemas by December last wasn’t just for awards qualification, it was to beat the competition.

That competition was FX’s “Trust,” a new series from “Slumdog Millionaire” director Danny Boyle and writer Simon Beaufoy in which each season explores a period in the life of the Getty dynasty. The first season, which was to originally air in January, would deal with the kidnap case.

The casting is solid here too – Donald Sutherland as billionaire J. Paul Getty, “Beach Rats” breakout Harris Dickinson as the grandson, Hilary Swank as the grandson’s mother Gail Getty, and Brendan Fraser as Getty’s security head (Wahlberg’s role). Anna Chancellor, Michael Esper, Norbert Leo Butz, Charlotte Riley and Luca Marinelli co-star.

The full trailer for the series has arrived and while there are some similar points, the trailer also highlights the key differences with this take – here the grandson is seemingly complicit in his kidnapping, J. Pual Getty’s lifestyle is much more ostentatious, and the whole production has much more of a dark comedy vibe. Even the color palette is far more lush and vivid.

“Trust” premieres on March 25th.


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Getty Family Could Sue Over FX’s “Trust”

getty-family-could-sue-over-fxs-trust-696x464 (1).jpg

An attorney representing John Paul Getty III’s sister Ariadne Getty calls the forthcoming FX series “Trust” a “wildly sensationalized false portrayal” of the Getty family and demands to review all episodes of the ten-part limited series reports Deadline.

The site says that in a letter from attorney Martin Singer, the issue appears to be over the implication that family members were complicit in the kidnapping of sixteen-year-old John Paul Getty III as part of a plot to dupe the family patriarch out of millions of dollars. Singer says:

“It is ironic that you have titled your television series Trust. More fitting titles would be Lies or Mistrust, since the defamatory story it tells about the Gettys colluding in the kidnapping is false and misleading. ‘Trust’ amounts to a deliberate fictionalization masquerading as fact, giving rise to significant liability. This is an extremely serious matter.”

The kidnapping formed the basis of Ridley Scott’s film “All the Money in the World” which hit theaters in December, though that take made no allusion as to the kidnapping being anything other than genuine with no collusion or facilitation from any members of the family.

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J. Paul Getty reflects on the nature of wealth, 1960

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