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Welcome to Paradox - by the numbers

Well, fellow Sages, here is my last By the Numbers - for our successfully completed Welcome to Paradox:

Overall ranking for show (by averaging all episode rankings)

Brimfin – 7.615
Mad-Pac – 7.231
Cloister56 – 6.923

Highest–ranked episodes by individuals
Mad-Pac – Blue Champagne (10)
Brimfin – All Our Sins Forgiven (10)
Cloister56 – News from D Street, All Our Sins Forgiven (9)

Highest-ranked episodes by overall ranking
All Our Sins Forgiven (9.333)
News from D Street (8.667)
Blue Champagne (8.333)

Lowest-ranked episodes by individuals
Brimfin – The Extra (3)
Mad-Pac – Research Alpha, Into the Shop (4)
Cloister56 – Hemeac (5)

Lowest-ranked episodes by overall ratings
Into the Shop (5.333)
Research Alpha (6.000)
The Extra, Hemeac (6.333)

Most consistently-ranked episodes
The Girl Who Was Plugged In (7,7,7)
All Our Sins Forgiven (10,9,9)
Options (8,7,7)

Least consistently-ranked episodes
The Extra (9,7,3)
Research Alpha (8,6,4)

Average episode ranking overall: 7.256, definitely one of the higher-ranked shows.

Total Recall 2070 7.281
Brimstone 7.280
Welcome to Paradox 7.256
Caprica 7.238
The Middleman 6.992
UFO 6.812
The Prisoner (1967) 6.800
The Prisoner (2005) 6.771
Twin Peaks 6.638
Kolchak: The Night Stalker 6.597
Planet of the Apes 6.546
Invasion: Earth 6.375
Earth 2 6.256

I'm glad we all made it through to the end of the show. It's much more fun numbers-wise to have at least three full sets of numbers to work with. I'm going to miss doing this but I appreciate how much you have all enjoyed it over the years. Thanks again for all your kind words. Thanks, Mad-Pac for running the group so well for so long and thanks to you cloister56 and all the other sages past and present for giving your opinions and your rankings with such enthusiasm and humor. That made the journey so much more fun.
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I'm sorry you're leaving Brimfin, thanks for all your work with your " by the numbers". I've been keeping the scores for the B7 run, and have produced a few posts on the rankings etc, I know it's time consuming. So thanks again.
However,I must raise the topic of Star Cops, that you have left out of your list of shows.
It was a Sages project, and you produced the usual efficient " by the numbers", so why ignore it?
Perhaps you were swayed by Mad-Pac's ridiculous assertion that my marking for that show somehow skewed the overall result. Well my friend, I got my calculator out, and laboriously went through everyone's marks, everyone except me, that's right, I re-calculated the Star Cops average without my scores.
The result- 7.267, that's a difference of only 0.318. So without my scores Star Cops gets a third place in Sages shows. True it loses top spot, but third is respectable, and why SHOULD my votes be singled out? I feel almost picked on. Did Mad-Pac think that without my scores Star Cops would sink to a 5 or lower? Mathematics doesn't lie, of course remove anyone's score it'll alter the overall result. I assume Mad-Pac and maths don't go well together.
:emoji_confused: :emoji_rolling_eyes:
My scores did not have that great an effect. Too many others were enjoying the show for it to end up anything lower than a top three show.
Now , Blakes7, I said I've been keeping all the scores, so lets do some calculations.
Just using Season 1 scores only, which is as far as most have got to so far, the overall average is 7.65 , very high, top place in fact.
But now lets remove the diehards scores - my scores go, and Ant Mac and Doc Omega -all gone from our calculation .
The result 7.55 Oh my! Still in first place! ( excluding B7 and Star Cops all votes)
And now the coup de grace, using only the Blakes7 scores by Sages of the previous iteration i.e. Mad-Pac, Cloister56 and yourself Brimfin, the average is 7.428, OMG! Wasn't expecting that. B7 is still top, if included on your list. :emoji_grinning:
Interesting thing here is that Mad -Pac gave good marks for the two episodes he ranked, 6+7, he even said things like, " interesting premise" and " it's fun"
Now, Catweazle; interesting figures here too. Myself and Doc, the diehards maybe, Doc has used letters to mark his reviews, so i've converted his marks to numbers, I've used the following; A+ only is 10, A is 9 ,B is 8, B- is 7 and C is 6.
So we have the average of all scores of every reviewer is 7.203 and without me and Doc 6.575. I'll say again, why should anyone's score not count?. So for a children's show, and a very British one, not bad average score.
To sum up;
"The Brits" as Mad-Pac called us, though Ant Mac and Gavin are Australian, but why should he let the facts get in the way of using a The Brits in a derogatory way, we Brits brought two well received shows to the table, we were a willing bunch of members, in my language that indicates The Sages were in good health. Nevertheless it came crashing down. Why?
Answer - He obviously feels having our British shows as Sages projects, with more to come probably, is so horrendous that he'd rather dissolve a group that meant a lot to him, oh well, it's his prerogative of course, no one should endure the unendurable.
UPDATE - Myself and Cloister 56 will continue with The Omega Factor as a Sages project. If you want to find us the trail starts there.

Blakes7* (all votes)7.650
Star Cops( all votes) 7.585
Blakes7* ( without the diehards) 7.550
Blakes7* (MP, Cloister, Brimfin only)7.428
Total Recall 2070 7.281
Brimstone 7.280
Star Cops ( except Michael) 7.267
Welcome To Paradox 7.256
Caprica 7.238
Catweazle *(all votes) 7.203
The Middleman 6.992
UFO 6.812
The Prisoner(1967) 6.800
The Prisoner (2005) 6.771
Twin Peaks 6.638
Kolchak 6.597
Catweazle* ( except Michael and Doc) 6.575
Planet of the Apes 6.546
Invasion Earth 6.375
Earth 2 6.256
*season1 only
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Cheers for this Brimfin and Michaellevenson. One of the things that stands out to me is how low Kolchak ended up being.
I remember enjoying that show for the most part but I guess our scores began to drop on average near the end as the episodes got a bit samey.
No really awful shows in there, but I guess someone may have hated a series and someone may have loved it to balance out.
Must be a lot of memories for everyone involved.