Review Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads? (1973)

Doctor Omega

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Someone just posted this on Planet Mondas.....

Following the Network email showing the cover for the forthcoming Likely Lads movie blu ray, which seemed to show that two missing episodes had been added as extras, I emailed them to ask if this was so.
First email from them asked me to forward the original email back to them as they seemed unaware of it, I did so.
Second email thanked me, and stated that I should watch out for future announcements to the final artwork and extras, as these are still to be confirmed.
As release date is 28th January they must be cutting it fine.....


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Yeah just saw this! If so, then Network are maintaining their usual arrogance by their commenting to this guy and also they're not releasing this set as a DVD and in Blu-Ray only!

Doctor Omega

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Gems Rediscovered: The Likely Lads

January 18, 2019


A Star is Born and Faraway Places....

......haven’t been seen since they were last broadcast by the BBC in 1967. Originally transmitted as part of the second series in 1965, the episodes were shown three times in all, before dropping out of sight. Now, two 16mm telerecordings have surfaced, and we’re immensely pleased and proud to report that they will both be included as special features on Network’s forthcoming Blu-ray and DVD release of the 1976 movie The Likely Lads.