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John's personal assistant at that time, Fred Seaman, said that John was clearly in a form of denial about the seriousness of the Sam Green threat, allegedly saying at one time, (when he and Fred had been sent away to Bermuda by Yoko "on the advice of her astrologers" - yet again): "Yoko needs these little flings", because she was "flattered by the attention" of these younger men and that "it makes her feel young".

Sam Green also claimed that when Yoko moved John's gear out of the apartment, her main focus was on working out exactly how much of John's fortune she and Sam Green could obtain through a divorce.

All of these details came out in a much derided book by the late Albert Goldman.


While Goldman's prose style is dramatic and an acquired taste - and he just can't resist going too far with his speculation sometimes - his research that makes up the foundation of the book has since been corroborated numerous times over by the sources he spoke to at the time, many of whom have since published their own books. Sam Green's art gallery assistant had blabbed everything he knew about the affair to Goldman anyway, so Green co-operated, in the hope, he said, of being portrayed in a good light, while correcting inaccuracies. Havadtoy's dumped boyfriend also co-operated.

Luckily for Yoko and her image as a greiving widow, hysterical Beatles/Lennon fans condemned the book in 1988 without reading it, as the image of Saint Lennon, the slain peace martyr was still strong. But ironically, the main villain in the book was not Lennon, but was actually Yoko Ono. She never made any attempt to sue Goldman.

Doctor Omega

Yes, I agree. John and Yoko deserved each other.

As Julian has since said: "How can you preach peace and love with a family in disarray." etc.

Out of all the players in this sad saga, I think after some crazy ups and downs and some really mean spirited moves that he has had to endure from Yoko, Julian has ultimately emerged as the sanest, nicest and wisest of all of them - ten times the man his father was, more worldly than pampered Sean - and a credit to his upbringing by Cynthia..... He seems to have truly risen above the nastiness and no longer gives Yoko the satisfaction of playing her power games.....

Julian Lennon and Sean Giving Peace a Chance


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IMO I think Julian showed a lot of self-restraint putting his arm around that witch instead of slapping her.

Yes he really is exceptional. I’m glad he’s found success.

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On their last album, while John was singing "DEAR YOKO" and "I'M LOSING YOU", Yoko was singing "I'M MOVING ON" and this curious love song.....

However, according to the Goldman book, it was not a love song directed to John, but to Sam Green, being allegedly composed on his birthday, hence the "Happy Birthday my love!" near the end.

This song backfired badly for Yoko when the owners of the old song "MAKIN' WHOOPEE" threatened Ono with a lawsuit, claiming that "I'M YOUR ANGEL" was a copy of their song.

Yoko quietly settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.

Yoko Ono - Yes, I'm Your Angel

Eddie Cantor- Makin' Whoopee


Doctor Omega

Despite DOUBLE FANTASY not being the strongest album in the world - and not selling poorly (until the assassination), it still managed to win ALBUM OF THE YEAR at the Grammy's.

Yoko turned up to accept the award, making her first public appearance since the murder.....


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