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I like the first half of this one better than the second half, but I still like the whole thing too.

Avon seems to be risking his neck a bit, getting himself "beaten to a pulp" in order to get information. Perhaps he has a death wish.

The audio-commentary for this story is fairly hilarious, with Jaqueline Pierce not being sure what ship anyone is on, or barely what is going on at all. She also has some rather cutting digs at the lady playing Piri: "Not terribly good!", "Oh do shut up!" and, when the lady in question gets her comeuppance: "Oh good! GOOD!!!!"

When Piri says to Tarrant: "I don't really like clever people anyway!", Darrow quips: "Well, you've come to the right place!"

So, if only for the resulting commentary, I am glad this story exists. But it is nicely done as an episode, and I am fairly sure that, as a kid, I did not see the twist coming.

And Ian Levine saw this and showed it to JNT, which led to the casting of Richard Hurndall as the first Doctor in the Five Doctors, although I have always thought that Geoffrey Bayldon would have been a better fit. A long wig does not a Hartnell make, but Hurndall did, at least, create his own performance as the first Doctor from the ground up, so kudos to him for not trying to do a bad impersonation.

Soolin continues to be strong, but Stephen Pacey has held this episode up as one where Tarrant was shown to be dumb, to the point where the audience can lose respect for the character, so not one of his favourites.

Overall, we are into the second half and the upswing in quality is profound.

And at least an expert did not get killed this week, although - once again - someone they tried to help, Nebrox, dies horribly.


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Oh dear! Where did THAT actress come from? Not out of any acting school I'm sure.
She was bad as Piri but worse as Cancer. Agree that Tarrant was a total prat in this. The best bits were on the desert planet Domo at the start, and we get to see Servalan calling Avon her slave. The design of Cancer's ship was great and it's a pity that the fake Cancer was just that, he would have warranted another episode , he was very good.
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I remember thinking that Richard Hurndall would be great for the role of The First Doctor if they ever did another get-together of Doctors again back in 81 and so did JNT it appeared! He wasn't as good as we had hoped but he was okay unlike the girl, Piri, who turned out to be the real Cancer in the episode and what a bad performance she gave us! Wonder if she ever did anything else?