Fun Burgers!


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For me and my oldest daughter: medium in one of two ways ...
1. Smothered with fried onions, mushrooms, and swiss cheese + (optional: fried egg)
2. Bacon, grilled pineapple and chipotle/sour cream sauce.

My wife and youngest daughter get them medium with cheese.

For seasoning salt + pepper, and sometimes a homemade seasoning called Magic Dust. The key ingredient to the latter is homemade chili powder.


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I'll take a hamburger any way you make it. If were simply grilling, then medium rare, ketchup, mustard, and an onion slice fresh from the grill (if you've never grilled onion, you don't know, man, you just don't know). But I love just about anything you can put on a burger. There's a restaurant here in Iowa called Zombie Burger (burgers named after zombie movies and TV shows), and they do some amazing creations. I had one that had fried cheese curds and chicken fried bacon on it. And they have bottles of sriracha on every table, to be drizzled all over the incredible fries they have there.

But of the two you have pictured, I would prefer the second.
You were not kidding when you said they do some amazing creations. This is just one example of a burger from Zombie Burger.

And there fries look good also.

Is there Zombie Burgers in any other states or is it just locally owned and only in Iowa?


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It's just here in Iowa. If you get a chance to travel here (and warning, there's not much here), you have to go. The burgers are incredible, and those fries! It's the only place I know that has both ketchup and Sriracha on the tables to smother your fries in.

I am so hungry now!


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Back in the 80's, Anchorage used to have a Korean owned and operated burger joint, they had like a hundred different burgers. You could get them with all sorts of toppings like carrots, cucumbers, pineapple, apple, various Asian sauces, and stuff you never heard of (unless you were Korean probably) but man they were delicious. Those Koreans worked their butts off too. Sadly the place burned down and I heard they didn't have insurance. Either way, it was never rebuilt.

Simian Jack

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Mom once gave me a burger that tasted really delicious, and there was something in it I couldn't place.

"I really loved that hamburger. Did you add something to it?"
"Well I don't want you to thinkin I'm crazy but it tasted kinda"
"Coffee? Well, I don't know why, it's just hamburger."

Next day:
"By the way, I added coffee to that hamburger. I saw it on the Food Network."
"Why did you say you didn't?"
"I didn't want you to think I was crazy."

Add it well in advance, let the flavor seep in.

I'm trying to find a good peanut butter mixture, had one with pb & sriracha that was excellent. I wanna try cashew or almond butter.

Medium rare, on a plate or a bun, melted cheese (gouda, cheddar...), different sauces or none. Carmelized onions!

Oh, yeah, and burger soaked in teriyaki and served with a thick slice of fresh grilled pineapple!