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- Worcestershire
Devised by Warwick Ashton
Photographed by Warwick Ashton
An ATV production.
Originally transmitted 22.12.1956

Kaleidoscope has recently been given a large film and videotape collection that was going to be thrown away because it was third party content in an archive. Amongst the items were many interesting COI films, feature films, British Petroleum Films and some old ITV items. This beautifully-made film led to Warwick Ashton being made head of ATV's Film Unit.

Of great interest to us locals is the footage of Stourport-On-Severn and Dudley Zoo.

16mm print.

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DISCOVERY 299: Close Up - These Were the Days
A Tyne Tees Television production.
Originally transmitted 20.07.1967

A regional series shown in the Tyne Tees region. This sole surviving print was located by Tim Disney and Steve Birt some years ago, but we have only recently discovered it is missing from the ITV Archives.

16mm print.

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Discovery 300: Max – Episode 5
Written by Eric Davidson
Host Max Bygraves
with Bob Dixon, Jack Parnell and his Orchestra, Tony Mansell's Coffee Set, Denise Keen & Happy, Ted Ray, Ant, Tommy Reilly and David Reilly
Music associate Conn Bernard
Music adviser Cyril Stapleton
Produced by Dicky Leeman
Directed by Dicky Leeman
Designed by Gerry Roberts
An ATV production.
Originally transmitted 17.04.1974

This series was listed as lost by ITV for many years but this 2” transfer has recently re-surfaced at ITV.

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Discovery 301: The Jimmy Tarbuck Show - Episode 3
Written by Bryan Blackburn
Host Jimmy Tarbuck
with Des O'Connor
Additional material by Ron McDonnell
Designed by Brian Bartholomew
Produced by Colin Clews
Directed by Colin Clews
An ATV production.
Originally transmitted 21.11.1968

Another lost programme according to ITV, that has recently been found at ITV.

16mm telerecording.

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DISCOVERY 302: The Jimmy Tarbuck Show – 1968 specially-filmed trail
Found in a very small can recently at ITV.

16mm film print.

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Discovery 303: This is your chance – Episode 3
Questionmaster Shaw Taylor
- Bobo Sigrist
- Conrad Phillips
- Marla Landi
- John Langham
Based on an idea by Steven Barley
Based on an idea by Peter Sasdy
Designed by Eric Shedden
Produced by John Irwin
Directed by John Irwin
An ATV production.
Originally transmitted 04.05.1959

Simon Coward has provided these additional details: Although not fully networked, two editions made the national top ten and yet despite this, success the programme seems to have been curtailed after just six editions - a remarkably short run for a quiz programme in the 1950s. Handwritten amendments to Richard Greenough's ATV design schedules seem to indicate that the programme was intended to run for longer and that the short second series of TELL THE TRUTH (q.v.) was a hasty replacement. At least Shaw Taylor kept his job!

As for the celebrity panellists - Sigrist, Phillips, Landi and Langham were featured in a two-page introductory article in TV Times, but it wasn't clear whether they were regulars or merely the four appearing on a specific week.

Eight minutes of this quiz show have been found on the end of a telerecording made by ATV. Whilst overseas prints of many ATV shows were edited to remove music acts or presentation, a recent examination of many negatives for 1950s prints has revealed that they were PasB recordings and often contain the adverts, in-vision presentation and sometimes the end of the previous programme or start of the next one. Kaleidoscope is now cataloguing these prints in detail.

16mm telerecording.


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Peter Sasdy had an idea about a quiz show?? Is this the same Peter Sasdy of Taste The Blood of Dracula, Countess Dracula, Hands of The Ripper, Nothing But The Night, various episodes of Minder and Hammer House of Horror?

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I reckon it must be. I see on IMDB that he was working on EMERGENCY WARD 10 at the time, which was also made by ATV.

Hope they paid him for his contribution!

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Something missing from the BBC has been found in Australia.....

Along with some cryptic quotes.....

Australian Television Archive have posted a teasing comment and photo on Facebook: "Always exciting when a BBC-TV film can turns up, you never know what it may contain!"

Turns out its indeed a "missing" piece of material.. but with a twist!...unfortunately I'm unable to say anything more at this stage.


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DISCOVERY 304 - Jazz at the Maltings
Episode 2
Host Benny Green
with The Oscar Peterson Trio
Designed by Don Horne
Produced by Terry Henebery
Directed by Terry Henebery
A BBC production for BBC 2.
Originally transmitted 17.10.1968

Ray Langstone gave this to Kaleidoscope on Saturday when he came to the pop event. It's not brilliant quality, it's come from Italy and took some years to obtain, but it illustrates that somewhere out there is probably a better quality master.

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DISCOVERY 305: The London Palladium Show
with Jack Parnell and his Orchestra, The Michael Sammes Singers, Kate Smith, Morecambe and Wise, Tom Jones, Bob Monkhouse, Millicent Martin and The Clark Brothers
Designed by Bill McPherson
Executive producer Bill Ward
Associate producer Albert Locke
Directed by Albert Locke
Directed by Colin Clews
An ATV London production for ATV.
Originally transmitted 02.10.1966

This edition of The Palladium Show had been rumoured to be held in the US for many years, being 'discovered' by Ray Langstone and others, and was eventually tracked down to the Paley Center. Despite that fact becoming known, it was not recovered until ITV itself decided to recover the edition in late 2017 for use on a Palladium documentary. However, when production ceased and the production office was closed, the master file was mislaid and eventually recovered to ITV some time later.

16mm print transferred to digital file.

Also returned to the ITV Archives at the same time, though not new, were extracts from the original domestic videotapes of Patricia Cahill:

Sunday Night at the London Palladium
Compere Jim Dale
- Cliff Richard
- Mike Goddard
- Patricia Caron/Cahill
- The Kuban Cossacks
- The Tiller Girls
- The Mike Sammes Singers
with Jack Parnell and his Orchestra
Music associate Sam Harding
Special material by Dick Vosburgh
Choreography by Barbara Aitken
Designed by Norman Smith
Designed by Bill McPherson
Executive producer Bill Ward
Produced by Jon Scoffield
An ATV production.
Originally transmitted 23.12.1973
Cancelled part way through when the Palladium had to be evacuated because of a bomb scare. The second half was replaced by SAMMY (q.v.).

Stars on Sunday - in visiion annoucement, opening titles and Patricia Cahill sequences only.
Executive producer Jess Yates
Directed by Len Lurcuck
A Yorkshire Television production.
Originally transmitted 25.11.1973

Domestic VT (possibly Phillips, CV2000 or Shibaden) transferred to file.


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Funny how he says it belongs to all of us yet we have to pay to rewatch it? Something quite wrong there somewhere!

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From Chris perry at kal. 60 recoveries


I'm conscious that there is a lot going on in the world of Kal at the moment so it's hard to keep track of when and how it's all happening.

First off re events: two events coming up - 23rd and 24th November at Egham. The event is being co-organised by Kal with the Centre for the History of Television Culture and Production (and Forgotten TV Drama project) at Royal Holloway, University of London. It's your chance to see some fantastic regional drama from Scotland and Wales, some of which was never shown in England. There are great guests with David Andrews the director and the McLean Sisters showing us their personal archive of Scottish TV music shows that they kept and have now returned to us and STV. The Friday night also sees the launch of the memoirs of Lewis Rudd. Jamie Medhurst will be providing expert analysis of the programmes on offer and Tony Currie is M.C.

Then shortly afterwards we have the usual Christmas event at Birmingham City University on the 8th December. Four confirmed guests, a new book launching from Tom Edwards, and great RNLI cakes.

The week after is MBW, London, on the 15th December. We aren't involved much with this one, we did a big event in August 2018 and all being well we are doing another special for them in Feb/March 2019. But we will be announcing a whole raft of finds at that time, including stuff being shown at MBW which we usually do after the event when Dick gives us the full list. But
there are well over 60 discoveries to announce so I'm trying to decide the best way to do it. So we don't overshadow MBW we'll probably do them in the weeks running up to Christmas and over the festive period.

Thanks, Chris.

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Embargoed until 5 November, 10:00 2018, London.

The BFI celebrates Missing Believed Wiped (MBW)’s 25th birthday on 15 December at BFI Southbank with a treasure of television riches.

Reflecting on the initiative’s successes from the last 25 years in tracking down and screening rediscovered ‘lost’ television classics. The 15 December event will present newly discovered material including top-quality music, comedy and variety titles as well as welcome repeats for much-requested items taking place across two sessions.

We’re thrilled to announce the premiere of the much anticipated Doctor Who animated miniepisode based on the now lost first part of the 1968 Doctor Who story, 'The Wheel in Space', starring Patrick Troughton.

We are delighted to be joined by a number of special guests including the Indiana Jones of lost archival television Philip Morris, who will be presenting some of the rare television gems he’s recently unearthed, including missing episodes of Morecambe and Wise, Sid James’s sitcom Citizen James and children’s television favourite Basil Brush including the only surviving live performance of The Kinks performing their hit Days.

Pop star and songwriter Vince Hill looks back over his distinguished 60+ year career in music plus we also feature a rare performances by Aretha Franklin on British television.

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Wiped are also excited to screen a rare episode, ‘The Day Out’, from the third and final series of Citizen James (Series 3, Episode 6, BBC TX 05/10/1962). Sid James’s hilarious BBC sitcom ran from 1960-1962, following the exploits of Sid’s scheming charmer, guest starring Liz Fraser, the late Carry On actor who recently died in September, as the object of Sid’s wandering eye. This ‘lost’ episode was recovered from Monaco Television, in an old store room during a clear out of their premises.

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Just found.....

DISCOVERY 340 – Masters of Pop
Billed as Masters of Pop in the TV Times, some poor quality 8mm footage filmed from the TV was the only previous reference for this lost pop classic. Not any more. Found on beautiful 2” colour videotape by Chris Perry. More info below.

plus another top of the pops episode recovered (although it'll never be seen as Jimmy savile hosted it)