Spoilers Series 12

Doctor Omega

This gossipy rumour just popped up on Mondas about series 12.......

It’s not editing together very well. The poor editors are tearing their hair out trying to give pace and energy, once again sighting bad writing. They can’t even cut to Bradly to lighten up the scenes as most of the time he is just standing in the background doing nothing. It’s not a fun atmosphere to work in at the moment, as a lot of people are playing the blame game, and no one is taking responsibility. They have just started editing the Christmas special in the last week, and its looking like another slog for the poor editing staff.

The Seeker

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My hair's already curly. Will it make my hair straight? That I'd like to see. :emoji_grin:

Really, whatever his private opinion might be (who knows maybe he loves it), the cast and crew has to put up a rah rah appearance for the fans, don't you think? Personally I'd bite my tongue and take my paycheck. I don't want to lie here.