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What's your favorite/least kind of Pop, Soda, or Soda Pop?

What is your favorite kind of Pop?
What kind of Pop do you dislike?

I tend to drink different ones. Mt Dew, Coke, Dr. Pepper. & different kinds of Jones soda.
They have a new Hard Soda which sounds good. I wonder how it is, Soda meets Alcohol.

I am not a fan of any diet pop since it don't taste right.
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My usual go to soda is Mountain Dew. But I will drink just about any soda out there. I'm always on the lookout for more hard to find, non-name brand sodas, with more non-standard flavors. I hate that a six-pack of said sodas will run me anywhere from $4-6, but sometimes you gotta spend the money.

Worst soda? Store brand Mountain Dew knockoff. I'd rather drink Mello Yello, and I hate that.

I haven't tried the hard sodas, but I have had Not Your Dad's Root Beer. Amazing!

Fun fact: I typically drink my soda warm. Unless I buy it from a cooler or a machine, I just pick one up and drink it. Too much work to go, grab a glass, get ice, and chill the soda. Plus, then I don't dirty a glass.


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I don't like any soda beverage at all. I will drink Cotton Club Diet Ginger Ale, it helps an upset stomach. I can also force down some tonic or bitter lemon both with a touch of gin.
Mostly I drink a lot of bottled water...:emoji_purple_heart:

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Italian sodas! Hazelnut was my big thing for a while. Torani brand, they make the only good Irish Cream I've found so, besides the real thing anyway! Vanilla makes any flavor better.

That led to just plain club soda, that's become my go to drink.

I love most kinds of soda but hardly drink the stuff anymore. Cream sodas, all brands. Used to have some great blue cream, don't recall the brand. Root beer: A&W, Barqs. Cola, RC. Ginger Ale.


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I was raised on pop (soda pop), Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew (it'll tickle your innards!), Mellow Yellow, 7Up, Ginger Ale, Dr Pepper, Mr Pibb, Orange Crush, Fanta, root beer, all of it. I rarely drank a glass of water before my 30's. Then at some point I decided it was empty calories and quit. Now I can't stand the taste. Syrupy and overly sweet, disgusting. Wife and I never had it in the house and my kids never had it until they were teens and can't stand it either. Bad, bad, stuff. Mostly the problem is it is empty calories ... no nutrition, lots of sugar, hardly filling, but many calories.


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:emoji_grinning: ~ My top favorite:emoji_purple_heart: soda flavor is Pepsi/Coke Cherry cola. I luv a lot of soda flavors except for diet ones, root beer & Dr. Pepper.


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