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An upcoming untitled American space Western film centered on the Star Wars character Han Solo is being directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller from a screenplay by Lawrence and Jon Kasdan.

It is being produced by Lucasfilm and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The film will be the second installment of the Star Wars Anthology series: a standalone film following a young version of Han Solo that stars Alden Ehrenreich as Solo, alongside Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Thandie Newton, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Joonas Suotamo.

The film is set in the Star Wars universe before the original 1977 film Star Wars and explores Han Solo and Chewbacca's adventures, including meeting Lando Calrissian.

Filming began in January 2017, with principal photography starting the following month, at Pinewood Studios.

The film is scheduled to be released on May 25, 2018.


Michael K. Williams and Ian Kenny are also cast in undisclosed roles.


In February 2013, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed the development of two standalone films to the Star Wars saga, each individually written by Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg.

Shortly after, it was reported that Disney was working on two films featuring Han Solo and Boba Fett.

Disney CFO Jay Rasulo described the standalone films as origin stories.

Kathleen Kennedy explained that the standalone films would not crossover with the films of the sequel trilogy, stating, "George [Lucas] was so clear as to how that works. The canon that he created was the Star Wars saga. Right now, Episode VII falls within that canon. The spin-off movies, or we may come up with some other way to call those films, they exist within that vast universe that he created. There is no attempt being made to carry characters (from the standalone films) in and out of the saga episodes. Consequently, from the creative standpoint, it's a roadmap that George made pretty clear."

In April 2015, Lucasfilm and Kennedy announced that the standalone films would be referred to as the Star Wars Anthology series.

In July 2015, Lucasfilm announced that an Anthology film, focusing "on how [a] young Han Solo became the smuggler, thief, and scoundrel whom Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi first encountered in the cantina at Mos Eisley", would be released on May 25, 2018.

The project would be directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller from a script by Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan. Kennedy would serve as a producer on the film, with Lawrence Kasdan and Jason McGatlin executive producers;

Allison Shearmur and Simon Emanuel also produce.

The Han Solo project was separate from a film that was originally being developed by Josh Trank, which was pushed back to an unconfirmed date.

Solo's friend, the Wookiee, Chewbacca, would also appear in the film.

In May 2016, Lawrence Kasdan stated that filming would start in January 2017.

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Mutterings are that, if he is a success in the role, that Disney may have him taking over as Indiana Jones too!

Here is when his casting as Han was announced at a Star Wars panel and was interviewed on stage...

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I'm not optimistic about this one. Han Solo is Harrison Ford. I don't think I'll be able to believe anyone else in the role. It's possible that I'll be proved wrong and if so I'll be very happy about it, but I feel that this one could be a misfire.


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I honestly have no idea who Alden Ehrenreich is, as I have seen nothing that he has been in. But he looks alright, and I'll give him a chance. Seeing Donald Glover as a young Lando? That get's me excited!

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Omaze released a new video in which fan favorite Warwick Davis, who has played a number of characters across the Star Wars movies, gives a spoiler-free tour of the Han Solo movie set, and the coolest part gives us a peek at a brand new creature from the film. Take a look at the new Star Wars alien below.


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Brief Details On New “Han Solo” Characters

Production is still very much under way on the Han Solo ‘A Star Wars Story’ spin-off which is set for release next May.

At this time we know it’ll be set ten years before the events of the original 1977 “Star Wars,” that Alden Ehrenreich will play the smuggler alongside Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian and Woody Harrelson as Garris Shrike, and that the likes of Emilia Clarke, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Thandie Newton have roles.

Beyond that, we know little else. In the past few days though, a report has surfaced at Making Star Wars which allegedly reveals two of the new characters in the film. One is a puppet character called Mother Proxima, a creation that BB-8 operator Dave Chapman will handle here. The character is to be voiced by one of the cast members who has already been confirmed.

The other character is Val, a female character said to have top billing in the film. She’s also a character involved in a number of stunts and action sequences, suggesting one of the aforementioned actresses has this role.

The new Han Solo film is currently targeting a May 25th 2018 release.

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Good things are apparently coming in threes for actor Alden Ehrenreich, who’s been tapped to play Han Solo in the upcoming “Star Wars” spin-off depicting the intergalactic scavenger’s early years.

Disney has quietly signed the 26-year-old “Hail, Caesar!” star to a three-picture deal, insiders tell Confidenti@l, paving the way for more Han Solo flicks if the one currently being filmed strikes gold at the box office.

The movie giant has publicly revealed plans for only one prequel featuring the wily Millennium Falcon captain, helmed by “Lego Movie” directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

“There is a real sense of excitement around the Han Solo movie and its potential,” says our insider. “Given that Han’s early adventures do not need to be tied to the Empire, it leaves story lines open with the opportunity to really give fans something different. They can explore new galaxies and crazy creatures and bring in a wide array of new characters.

“They feel that his character has the right potential to become a central figure in several movies,” our source said. “They’re keeping things under wraps at the moment, but the deal is that he has signed for at least three movies.

The L.A.-raised Ehrenreich — who was discovered by Steven Spielberg at a bat mitzvah — beat out thousands of hopefuls to play the space cowboy made famous by Harrison Ford. Short-listers included “Whiplash” star Miles Teller, British box-office draw Taron Egerton, and Irish actor Jack Reynor, of “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

So far little has been revealed about the upcoming movie, which has yet to be titled, scripted by “Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi” writer Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jake. It’s scheduled for release in May 2018.



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That fan film was pretty cool. Well shot, and the actor did a decent job portraying a young Han. The other video just gets me that much more excited for the upcoming Solo film.

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Ron Howard is taking over the Han Solo 'Star Wars' movie

After days of speculation, the Oscar-winning filmmaker Ron Howard has signed on to take over as director of Disney and Lucasfilm's untitled standalone Han Solo movie.

The announcement was posted on on Thursday.

The movie's original directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller ("The Lego Movie"), were reportedly fired this week by Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy over creative differences on the "Star Wars" film.

"At Lucasfilm, we believe the highest goal of each film is to delight, carrying forward the spirit of the saga that George Lucas began forty years ago," Kennedy said in a statement. "With that in mind, we're thrilled to announce that Ron Howard will step in to direct the untitled Han Solo film. We have a wonderful script, an incredible cast and crew, and the absolute commitment to make a great movie. Filming will resume the 10th of July."

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Howard would soon meet with the actors — Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo and Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian, alongside Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Thandie Newton, and Michael K. Williams — to settle everyone's nerves and see the rough edit.

The movie was scheduled to shoot for three and a half more weeks, and there will be five weeks of reshoots. THR reports that the latter is common for most large franchise movies.

Howard has over 40 director credits to his name, including 1995's "Apollo 13" and 2001's "A Beautiful Mind," which earned him an Oscar for best director.

Chris Miller, left, and Phil Lord. Getty

The firing shocked many in Hollywood, as the duo were close to completing principal photography on the movie, which will follow the early years of Han Solo as a smuggler. Lord and Miller have also developed considerable clout after the success of "The Lego Movie."

It's still unclear how the director credit for the movie will be handled. If Lord and Miller take their names off the movie, they could lose millions in residuals. However, it's not the Directors Guild of America's preference to list three names in a director credit.

The untitled Han Solo movie is still set for a May 25, 2018, release.


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Well, he's a decent director with a decent record in filmmaking.

I'd say that's probably more than this film deserves.

I hope for his sake, he can make something out of this mess.


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What I'd like to know is how do not discover that there are unresolvable creative differences until principal photography is almost complete?

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More “Han Solo” Exit Details As Howard Talks


There’s been plenty of speculation and differing stories as to the sudden departure of directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller from the untitled young Han Solo “Star Wars” spin-off since the news broke.

Officially the reason was ‘creative differences’ and at least two reports since then have essentially suggested that was the case – albeit a very soft description of the chasm of difference between the helmers and writer Lawrence Kasdan and producer Kathleen Kennedy which led to the unprecedented exit.

A new report at EW goes further into the split, saying what began as a simple misunderstanding grew over time:

“Ever since filming began back in February, Lord and Miller began steering the Han Solo movie more into the genre of laughs than space fantasy. Lucasfilm and producer Kennedy believed Lord and Miller were hired to add a comedic touch [to a space fantasy], while Lord and Miller believed they were hired to make a comedy.

Essentially there was a tonal discrepancy with the pair leaning too far into the comedy. But that was only one issue. They also encouraged significant improvisation from the actors rather than sticking to the script. The film’s dailies apparently showed they were taking significant departures from what Kasdan wrote to the point of major changes to the story.

They were advised to stick to the course laid out by Kasdan but Lord and Miller dug in, refusing to compromise on what they saw as best for the film. Kennedy was also determined to do what she saw was best for the film, even as they had very differing perspectives. The partnership went from strained to fractured and as it became clear they didn’t share the same vision for some critical scenes and obviously wouldn’t acquiesce to Kennedy’s demands during reshoots.

So, on Monday, the pair were told they were terminated with news of the cut breaking on Tuesday night. Two days later, Ron Howard was named as their replacement and will have two weeks to get to the UK, get up to speed on where things are and come up with a plan to complete the film either on time or with minimal schedule extensions.

Howard has now commented on the record about his hiring, saying on Twitter: “I’m beyond grateful to add my voice to the Star Wars Universe after being a fan since 5/25/77. I hope to honor the great work already done & help deliver on the promise of a Han Solo film.”

He followed that up with comments at Cannes Lions (via THR) and said it was “a little opportunity that came my way…it’s gratifying to lend my voice to the Star Wars universe now.”

One obvious question that remains is the credit on the film and whether all three will be listed in the final version. The Directors Guild of America, which has the ultimate authority, has refused to comment and the issue is unlikely to be resolved for several months.

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Apparently, the rule is that, as long as a director directs 51 percent of the movie that is released, he or she will get sole credit.

This is how Richard Lester was able to get the sole credit on Superman II.