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Furlong may have been an ass in his private life but it's good to see him back if only for continuity to the original two films, the second of which he was in!
If only he'd been in number 3, I'd have been even more satisfied with the original trilogy than I already am.

As it is, I feel it's too little too late. Number 2 had that memorable breakout sequence from the mental health facility.

Now, with the three principles from that film back together, they can have another memorable sequence...

Set in an aged care facility.

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They are acting as if a strong female(?) Terminator is breaking new ground and if you hate the above character then you are a "closet misogynist", as DARK FATE director Tim Miller put it.

But it's all crap.

There's already been a strong female Terminator - and she was awesome!


And we loved Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor and Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, two ladies who could kick ass, yet not be afraid to show their vulnerabilities and humanity, so how exactly are we misogynist or have a problem with strong heroic female characters either?

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Looks like the director of TERMINATOR: DARK FATE made a "call to John"......

and Furlong, earlier this year......


This rumour just in......

“We won’t be seeing an adult version of Furlong’s John Connor in Dark Fate, at least not in the most recent cut of the film. My source tells me that yes, Jude Collie was in fact cast to play a young John Connor and that CGI was used to put Furlong’s face on his body. While Furlong isn’t physically in Dark Fate, he does deliver a brand new performance that’s been digitally placed directly onto Collie’s face. So, yes, Furlong is technically in Dark Fate, just not exactly how we all expected.”

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This is just guessing, but I reckon we will have young John Connor in just one (newly generated) flashback who somehow was killed, never reaching adulthood. Linda Hamilton mentioned that her character was "vengeful", (probably coz John is dead). So the whole point of T2 - and keeping John alive - is negated. Also makes T3 (the proper end of the saga, imo) impossible too, of course.

What a mess.
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.... and okay, maybe this one didn't give everyone goosebumps, but it is still, in my opinion, a far better trailer (and movie) than the three that followed it - and a fitting end to the saga......


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: “The last movie [Terminator Genisys] was not good. Wait, I shouldn’t say that. There have been some… misfires. You don’t want it to go out that way as a fan. I wanted the franchise to have some kind of noble future again. I wanted to help with that because I love The Terminator so, so much.”