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I think you should consider yourself lucky that the ennouncement wasn't that she'd signed up for 5 new movies and a new shared Terminator universe.

PS: Please don't let James Cameron join this forum so he can see this comment.
I have good news... and I have bad news.

Good news - as far as I know, James Cameron is not a member.

Bad news - he doesn't need to be a member to read your post.

However, for all we know, your comment could cause him to alter any multi-film deal with his ex-wife from 12 films down to just 5...

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Arnie Says “Terminator 6” To Ignore “Genisys”


After multiple bad sequels, the “Terminator” franchise is headed back towards greener pastures. James Cameron is returning to the franchise as producer, “Deadpool” director Tim Miller is taking the helm, and both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton are returning on screen.

Speaking at the An Experience With Arnold Schwarzenegger event this week in Birmingham England (via The Terminator Fans), the former Governor of California confirmed that the new film will ignore the events of “Terminator Genisys”.

He also says filming is slated to begin in March next year with Linda Hamilton already training for it, and Robert Patrick won’t be back as the T-1000 despite the actor expressing interest in the possibility at one point.

Schwarzenegger didn’t elaborate beyond that, but this does re-affirm indications that the new movie is essentially a direct sequel to “Terminator 2: Judgement Day”.

He also confirmed he plans to shoot “Triplets,” the sequel to the 1988 buddy comedy “Twins,” once he wraps the next “Terminator”. That will see Arnie and Danny DeVito reprising their roles from the original, with Eddie Murphy joining them as their long-lost brother.